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It is suggested for mature readers only. Do not read if you are sensitive to violence, swearing, sexual situations, or disturbing content. You have been warned.
Set in Western Canada, Animal centers around a group of eight teenagers who decide to vacation for a night in a cabin on the fictional Blackwood Mountain, exactly one year after the disappearance of two boys, and members of their group. Shortly after arriving, the gang find themselves under attack by an animal, and must attempt to survive until sunrise.


The snow fell all night, creating a perfect uniform blanket that concealed everything underneath. It was a winter wonderland, Mo thought as he gazed out of the window absent mindedly.

"Where the hell is everyone?" he said to himself as he began to pick up the beer cans that were littered around the kitchen. "Fucking animals!" he muttered under his breath. Yet again he was stuck on cleanup duty.

In the living room of the lodge, the rest of the group seemed to be plotting something. "Guys come on this is taking it too far," a Hispanic-girl said. She was moderately tall and wore a red and black flannel shirt with black jeans.

"Ugh, come on Anjana it'll be funny," another girl quickly retorted. She had long wavy brunette hair and she wore a Beverly Hills crop top and blue denim mini jeans.

"I'm not so sure," Anjana replied but it was no use. There was no way she was going to be able to talk her friends out of the awful thing they were about to do. She decided something: she had to find Logan first.

As he cleaned up the messy kitchen, Mo couldn't help but notice a note on the kitchen side. He didn't think whatever was written on it was really any of his business so he was going to toss it into the trash when curiosity got the better of him:

Hey Logan,
I've been wanting to tell you this for ages but...
I think you're really hot
Why don't you come meet me in the guest room
At 2:00 AM
Wear something cute and maybe...
I might let you attack my crack!
xoxo Kourtney

Mo grimaced. "What has my naive friend gotten himself into now?"

Everyone - minus Logan - piled into the guest room. "Okay everyone hide somewhere," Lucas said as he flashed everyone a wicked grin. Joy & Tasha hid underneath the bed whilst Dexter hid behind the door. Ricky - who was the most tech savy in the group - quickly whipped out his Iphone 6 so he could video it all go down. Afterwards, he clambered into the wardrobe. Lucas and Glenn climbed in with him due to a lack of places to hide.

As the clock struck 2:00 am, Logan cautiously entered the room with a candle to see Kourtney sitting on the bed. Utilising her acting skills, Kourtney lit up when she saw Logan.

"Hey," she started - she was trying to act coy and nervous, "You came." Logan nodded. He was speechless at her beauty.

"Let's go," he said and ripped off his pants and then even his underwear.

"Oh my god!" Joy's voice rang out across the room.

"Joy?" Logan cried! "What the fuck!?" Laughing everyone got out of their hiding places. Embarrassed, Logan took off into the snowstorm.

Anjana burst in. "What the hell guys?!" she cried. "He's gone out into the snowstorm he's gonna get himself killed! You guys are all jerks!" Anjana shouted as she turned on her heels and went outside the door.

"Logan!" she called out but it was no use he was already gone. Everyone joined her and looked out to see if they could see him.

"It was just a prank bro!" Glenn roared. There was no reply. Tugging on a coat, Mo ran out in the storm as well to find his best friend.

"Mo no! It's dangerous out there," Lucas shouted and grabbed his arm.

"I actually care about my friends. I have to find him," Mo said and took off.

The wind whipped and lashed at Mo's face like an icy knife. He could barely see where he was going and he was cautious of accidentally running into a tree and getting impaled. Like a ninja, he ducked under fallen trees and jumped over lakes. The danger of being out in a snowstorm had evidently boosted his adrenaline.

He stopped and looked down at the crystal white snow. Mo could see footprints. Maybe they were Logan's. Feeling especially brave, Mo followed the footprints only to find an Elk. Scared, Mo slowly approached the Elk but it soon became spooked and ran away.

"Shit!" Mo said as he suddenly heard a twig snap. The sound reverberated across the snowy forest like a bullet. Then, he heard a low guttural growl like some kind of animal was near. "What the fuck?!" Mo said. "Who's there?" he called out as he looked all around him to see noone or nothing.


Logan's foot teetered on the edge of the cliff but he hesitated when he heard that sound. It was a scream. The scream of a voice he could recognize anywhere. It was Mo. Was he okay? Before Logan's question was answered he felt cold hands press onto his back and push him off of the cliff.

Chapter One: Reunion

Anjana sat on the empty bus staring out of the window. As it was, she still wasn't sure how she felt about coming back...after what had happened last year. Nothing is going to bring them back so I need to start living my life again, she thought.

Anjana fumbled around in her pocket before she retrieved her Iphone 6 - that was too big for her small hands. She clicked it on and went to her text messages and reread the message the mesage that Ricky had sent her, and presumably everyone else:

I know it'll be hard to come back after what happened but,
it's tradition and we need to move on.
I think this will probably give all of us closure so for that reason I hope everyone can make it.
Let's fucking party like we're fucking pornstars, baby!

Anjana actually managed to crack a smile at that last bit, something she hadn't done in years. Feeling a little happier, she began to think about how nice it would actually be to see all her friends again.

A few hours later, the sun had disappeared behind the opaque milky clouds and the moon had subsequently taken its place. Anjana trudged through the ankle-deep snow relentlessly. She was making her way to the cable car station that would take her down to the lodge.

She was alone and it was dark so Anjana couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. For some reason, she felt like someone was watching her. Anjana approached the gate that lead towards the cable car station. She tugged at it but it wouldn't open.

"Shit," Anjana muttered. She was forced to climb over. Her hands ached with pain because she was gripping the bricks that made up the wall ever so tightly. After a minute or so, Anjana was over the fence and she continued her trek through the soft white snow.

She heard a crunch behind her. Like someone's foot sinking into the snow. Now Anjana was sure, she was being followed. She spun around but to her astonishment there was no one behind. She faced forward again only to see a face staring at her.

"Argh!" she screamed as she lost her footing and plummeted into the snow. Her fear quickly subsided and was replaced by anger as she heard a familiar voice laughing hysterically. "Lucas you fucking prick!" she shouted.

"Babe, you're so immature," a female voice said. It was Joy. Babe, Anjana thought. Were these two a thing now?

Joy, clearly the more compassionate one of the two, gave Anjana her hand and helped her to her feet. "You should've seen the look on your face, Anjana! It was priceless," Lucas cackled. Anjana sighed and gave him a punch to the balls. That shut him up!

more coming later

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