Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship None.
Family Parents (deceased), Step Parents.
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Fear Guns, Knives
Talent Being Happy. Cheering others up. Dancing, Rock Climbing
Andrea is The Happy-Go-Lucky Girl of the group.


Andrea is the type of person who you'd think had a great life. Well, you're wrong. Andrea was born in North Korea to two missionaries. They were American so Andrea learned two languages, Korean, and American. When Andrea was eight, due to the fact that North Korea is Communist and hate missionaries, her parents were caught and killed right before her eyes. She was hiding somewhere, so they didn't find her, but she saw her parents death. Friends and family took her in, and they flew her to North America, to live with family members. They never told her about her parents death, but she knew. She is genuinly full of joy, so she is naturally happy. Because of her personality. she quickly made good friends and impacted them, with her story and personality. She knows God is watching out for her, and that He protected her on that fateful day. Behind the eyes,however, lies some sadness. She dearly misses her biological parents. She doesn't let anyone know about her sadness. She doesn't want them to feel sorry for her.

Andrea joined Total Drama: The Production to have some fun.


  • She is Korean.
  • Andrea is a re-color of a picture I made of Numbah 3 from K.N.D. for Sunny's camp.
  • She is a Christian.

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