Aliza, labeled as The Flirt is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Arching Lions/ Galloping Stallions/ Ruling Kings and Queens
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Albert
Enemies Kristen, Nikki, Sharie, Albert, Beverly
Fear Strong-Willed Guys
Talent Manipulating Guys

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: Aliza was able to convince Mike to climb the tree, and got help from Calvin and Albert to climb the tree. Aliza's team won.

Challenge Two: She slapped Albert and revealed her true nature to Kristen and Nikki. Aliza's team won.

Challenge Three: She got several guys to fight to make her toast. She strategized with her team, and Ethan accidentally shot her. Her team won.

Challenge Four: She was the princess for her team. Albert grabbed the dragon's arm and came to the tower with her. Sharie saw her slapping Albert, and she had Sharie eliminated.

Challenge Five: She and Albert went into a window, and were split up falling down a tunnel. She ended up with Brandon and Tessie. She was accidentally swept into the door in the water room. Her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge Six: She was chosen by Pierre to be on the Galloping Stallions. Her team lost, and she received the final marshmallow.

Challenge Seven: She went alone during the challenge because Pierre wanted to go with Kristen. Her team won.

Challenge Eight: She explained to Kaylee and Beverly why she needed to stay single. She was in the archery contest, and got her team safety. She made it to the merge.

Challenge Nine: She argued with Albert in the beginning. She and Albert were paired together for the talent contest. She argued with him the whole time, and he had to improvise a dance. At the bonfire, she was meant to be eliminated, but her immunity from the previous night made her unable to be eliminated.

Challenge Ten: She worked with Arianna and Derrick during the challenge, and had them split up between three tunnels. She got the right tunnel, and was safe at the bonfire.

Challenge Eleven: She worked with Nikki and Arianna during the challenge, and they successfully located their woodpecker, winning themselves the challenge.

Challenge Twelve: She found Beverly's diary in the cabin, and used it to blackmail her into an alliance. Beverly got Calvin into the alliance, as well. She lost the bike race, and it was unsure whether or not she was eliminated at the bonfire because Kaylee left the competition.

Challenge Thirteen: She tried to get Beverly to tear apart Nikki and Tessie's friendship, which she failed at. She wouldn't go across the board in the challenge. In the end, Beverly betrayed her, and she was voted out.


Albert- He has constantly done stuff for her, and she has constantly slapped him...

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