Alfred, labeled the Bumbling Chef, is one of fourteen contestants appearing on Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. A master chef, Alfred's biggest faults are his clumsiness and tendency to space-out, both of which led to him signing up for a fashion show instead of MasterCook! Poor guy, right?

Killer Catwalks
Alfred EBB
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated  ?
Place  ?
Relationship None
Friends Karen, Lila, Pietro
Enemies Gretchen
Full Name (Age): Alfred Marizotti (20)
Current Occupation: Chef
Hobbies: Cooking, running, crafting
Favorite Fabric: Pasta noodles?

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Alfred first appeared in A Passion for Fashion, where he quickly found himself as the only sane man among the trio of himself, Karen, and Lila. He notably felt in over his head, being a chef marooned on a fashion show, but nevertheless tried to keep a positive outlook. At the end of the episode, Alfred was placed on the Killer Catwalks.

He quickly found himself in hot water The Fabrics of Failure, when his inexperience with fashion left Alfred's team making a dress out of pasta noodles. Hoping to turn the situation around, Alfred came up with the revolutionary idea to boil the pasta noodles. During the challenge, Alfred's master cooking skills worked against him, nearly leading Gretchen tearing him limb from limb. The Killer Catwalks ultimately lost the challenge after a wardrobe malfunction, leaving Alfred hopeless. That is, before Karen hatched a plot to save him by sending Gretchen to the Fashion Face-Off with him. Alfred won the Face-Off by the skin of his teeth, living to see another day.

In One Ring to Rule Them All, Alfred took a step out of the spotlight and spent the episode primarily with Pietro. Beating himself up over sending Alfred to the Face-Off, Pietro decided he would teach Alfred the art of manliness, much to the chef's dismay. After spending the entire challenge being taught manliness, Alfred and Pietro were able to steal the ring away from Ramsey and Lila, allowing the Killer Catwalks to win their first challenge.

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