Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother (deceased)
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Being submissive, Heights
Talent Being Dominent, Leading, Sports.
Alexander is The Alpha-Male of the group.


Alexander has always had a domineering element to his character since he was young. In grade school, he would always be captain in kickball, or, in rare cases when he wasn't captain, would take over as captain. He hates being submissive. He gets his behavior from his father, his hero. Another reason for his behavior, is the fact he never had a motherly, loving person in his life. You see, when Alexander was born, his mother died a few days after his death. Alexander never knew his mom. The closest thing to filling that gap in his life is his father. His father tries hard, but can never fill that gap. To Alexander, he doesn't know that he has it. But to everyone else, that gap that he unknowingly longs for is obvious.

Alexander's father signed Alexander up for Total Drama: The Production without his knowledge. When he found out, he was overjoyed. To Alex, it's about tsting his streangth and leadership. To his father, it's about finding someone to potentially close the gap.

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