Alexa, labeled The Tomboy is a camper in Total Drama Infinity

Gender Female
Hair color blond
Episode Eliminated "There's a lot about me I haven't told you."
Place 9th
Relationship None
Family twin brother
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Alexa always had a habit of being a cut above expectations of her. She always liked sports and running around, just like her twin brother did. Through practice, hard work, and determination, plus a habit of ignoring sexist jerks who try to stop her, Alexa became an athletic superstar, excelling at baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, track, volleyball, and dodgeball. Once she mastered these sports in the privacy of her home and with her twin brother, Alexa stepped out into the open world and tried out for, and got into, every single sport she loved. Alexa loves having fun, whether with the boys on the sports field, or with her girlfriends in the mall. Every time Alexa gets really good at something, she aspires to get better at that same thing. Her soft attitude and athletic abilities makes her the most popular girl in school among all the other girls, while the guys are split into the guys that respect and like her as a friend, the occasional guy who's attracted to her ability, and the sexist jock jerks who think that a girl should never be able to do what Alexa does. Inspired by Lisa and Tyler, two reality show contestants on very different shows, but were both able to prove to the world their athletic talents, Alexa joined Infinity to prove the sexist jerks of the world wrong and to follow in the footsteps of her two role models!


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