Alejandro (TDFlashback)
Nifty Nostalgia
Team Heather
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Around the World in 30 Minutes"
Place 17th
Relationship Crush on Ruby?
Family Dad, brother
Friends Ruby
Enemies Everyone else
Fear Disgusting foods
Talent Using people

Alejandro, labeled The Arch-Villain, once competed in the (canon) Total Drama series and is competing again on Total Drama Flashback.


After his Total Drama World Tour disaster, Alejandro went into recovery for a few years. Being the runner-up AND suffering major physical trauma seriously set him back a little. After a while, he recovered (mentally and physically), and he was back at it on Total Drama All-Stars...where he failed once more. After a second recovery, he was back at it: seducing, using, and breaking the hearts of girls. At the end of Total Drama Kingdom, the fans of the series voted Alejandro back into the game, to compete once again on Total Drama Flashback.

Alejandro claimed he only accepted to ruin the life of Chris in every way as a contestant, and to use the prize money to sue Total Drama and demand insurance money from his injury.


  • Alejandro was voted to be in TDF by the users.
  • Alejandro was the captain of the Nifty Nostalgia before the Courtney-Heather twist.
  • Alejandro was placed on Team Heather for comedic purposes.
  • Alejandro, in one of the show's drafts, was to come in 5th.

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