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Alejandro, Alejandro by CrystalNeonSummerSnow

A Sunday morning came arcross the glaciated road. The morning was dim as usual, and the radio woke me up. Staring at the ceiling, today was just going to be a boring day; boring and quiet. Not a lot happened since Total Drama, nothing except Alejandro moving into my neighborhood. Yeah, I'd raise my can of pop for that. We just absolutely hated each other, when our "relationship" was really ambivalent. After hearing the deejay's piercing voice, the first song started playing.

Usually, he'd start with something like Jason Derulo or Katy Perry, but instead he started with the ugliest lady of all time: Lady GaGa. I'd say a lot of her right now, but it would take a wiki to list all the thing I loathed about her stardom, but all I can say are the two thing I hate. #2 is her clothing. I mean, her meat dress, her studded bras, and not to mention that repulsive Hello Kitty dress, they say it all about her. But the #1 thing I hate about her is her music. As I obsrtucted my ears with my pillows, soon the chorus started to make me loosen.

" Don't call my name, don't call my name, Roberto...

Alejandro, Alejandro."

Honestly? She had to write a song named after that hypocritcal, no-good tyrant?! I shut the radio off and headed out to the garden. When I started plucking roses from the bushes, one red rose caught my attention; it's hue made it look Alizarin, the same color of Alejandro's jacket. Was this karma trying to bug me? I knew I could be a little mean, but that was just stupid. I simply tossed into the morning mud and walked back in until a figure was found gazing at me.

" Walk away, Heather. He's not worth it. Don't talk to him.." I muttered to myself.... Boy, I wish I could listen to myself more often.

As I started walking closer to him, Alejandro tried to look down, but I saw him fawning over me.

" What's the matter? Afraid I'm going to laugh at you?"

" Wow, witty remarks. Why did I expect that?"

I shook my head with my hair at my shoulders; my hair actually looked cute with it short. As the grey sky haltingly became orange and red from the Sun, we just glared at each other for a moment, until he stood up and started taunting again.

" Hmm, funny, you act like you're a winner when you've really lost against the Burromento prodigy."

" Wow, I'm so frightened. A barritone-voiced Renaissance poet is threatening me. I'm so shell-shocked."

" You are, hmm? Well, here's a poem for you

Self-centered trollop

Plastic like a Barbie doll

Self-indulged hussy."

He let out a chuckle at the sight of my scowl. Before I walked back into the house alone again, I turned back and yelled,

" Babbling monkey

Climbs the trees every morning

Thinks himself as tall!"

After slamming the door, I somehow felt something different; I couldn't describe it at the moment, but it was a conflicting zeal. I pulled out an apple from the fruit bowl and had my miniscule breakfest. That lecherous teen was still outside laughing in a twilighted manner; he was more annoying now then the way he was on the show. I still remember when the bell rang and he'd start his abhorrent singing. On the topic of singing, I finally whispered out the first few lyrics while I was outside with my nosegay of freshly-picked roses from my garden.

" She's got both hands

In her pocket

And she won't look at you, won't look at you."

At that point, I couldn't stop singing; even if my caroling aria sounded strange, I just continued on. As soon as I got to the Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch, Roberto lyric, I added a few of my own.

" Alejandro, Alejandro

Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro

She's not loyal

She's simply tempting

Whereas I am here with you

But can't move on..."

Before I got to the chorus again, I heard faint clapping from behind. Alejandro was actually being audient to my vocal ode to him. Normally, he called the song a disgrace to his name, but now at that moment, he was instead enchanted. As he sat on the bench with me, I felt his lips fluttering above mine. As his fingers tangled through my hair, he playfully teased,

" I knew it all along."

" So did I."

And those were my last intellectual thoughts before feeling a pair of lips plant on top of mine.

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