Albert, labeled as The Gamer is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Arching Lions/ Charging Bulls/ Ruling Kings and Queens
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Nine: Just Another Talent Contest"
Place 13-11
Relationship Aliza (One sided on his side.)
Friends Calvin
Enemies Aliza (One sided on her side.)
Fear No electricity
Talent Playing video games

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: He and Calvin helped Aliza up the tree. His team won.

Challenge Two: He told Kristen and Nikki a boring story and offered Nikki a pink plaid sweater. Aliza came over and slapped him, revealing her true nature to Kristen and Nikki. Albert remained oblivious, though. He asked a couple of stupid questions. His team won.

Challenge Three: He was one of several to interrupt Violet, Tessie and Arianna's conversation. He told Beverly about her twisty lightbulbs. His team won the challenge.

Challenge Four: Albert jumped to save Aliza, and grabbed onto the dragon's arm, ending up in the tower. He annoyed Aliza and Kristen, the team's princesses in the tower. Sharie confronted him, and told him to vote out Aliza. He came to Aliza and told her what she said. His team lost, but he was safe.

Challenge Five: He went down a slide with Aliza at the beginning, and was separated from her. He ended up with Nikki and Ethan. He was the first one through the snow room. His team lost, but he was safe.

Challenge Six: He was chosen by Nikki to be on the Charging Bulls team. His team won immunity.

Challenge Seven: He went with Calvin to look for his item. He had an allergic reaction and headed back to camp. He judged the race between Tessie and Brandon. The Charging Bulls won immunity.

Challenge Eight: Albert was chosen to sit out of the challenge from his team. His team won immunity, and he qualified for the merge.

Challenge Nine: He was informing Aliza about Galaxor the all-seeing. He was paired with Aliza for the challenge. They argued the whole time, and he improvised a dance for the talent show. Their talent was too bad, and he was eliminated.


Aliza- Several times during the entire story, she has used him, and slapped him...

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