Akari, labeled as the Asian Warrior is a contestant set to appear in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.

Spiky Sea Urchins
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "A Not So Helping Hand"
Place 9th
Relationship None
Family Cousin
Friends TBA
Enemies Dusk
Fear Making her Sensei mad
Talent Martial Arts


Akari is Kuro's cousin who he doesn't really know much about. She lives in Japan where she trains to become an expert in various martial arts including karate, ninjutsu, and more. Despite being the strongest and highest ranking in all the ones she's trained in she wishes to do more but her sensei tells her that she should take a break from her training because he knows she has learned enough. Figuring out what to do she went overseas to North America to visit Kuro. He instantly knew her due to his parents telling him about her and she explained to him her stories in japan. Kuro told her about the times he went on Total Drama and she thought it was interesting so she decided to join it.

Akari joined Total Drama because she thought it would be good for her and her sensei would be impressed with her for doing something different.


  • TDA ROCKS gave me the name for Akari.
  • Akari was inspired from the characters Karai and Lotus Blossom who are both from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The weapon she has is a katana blade.

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