Molting Eagles

Aiden for Rhonda

Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "A Crime of Fashion"
Place 18th
Relationship Melissa
Family Father, Stepmother,
Friends Melissa, Hayden, Frannie, Kalino, Cynthia, The President
Enemies Tessa, Xidorn, Vance
Fear figure skaters
Talent Baseball, Camping, Mechanics
Aiden, labeled The American Patriot, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. He is a member of the Molting Eagles


Aiden fits the stereotype of an all american boy to a T. His favorite sport is baseball, America’s pastime, though he enjoys a good football game. He’s worked as a paperboy ever since he could ride a bike, along with his current job at an auto-shop repairing cars. In boy scouts, Aiden has achieved the highest rank of Eagle Scout. Aiden has lived in Washington, D.C. since he was born. He even watches all political debates…by choice!

It’s not too big of a surprise though; son of an army veteran and army nurse, Aiden’s family has had a family member fight in almost every American war. While Aiden attends public school, during the summer he traditionally attends an exclusive military school…except now that he has graduated early with honors. Aiden plans to join the military and fight in the army like his father and stepmother.

Aiden admits to being zealous but doesn’t view foreigners, patriotic or otherwise, with any contempt. He also knows that America has had its problems (dude knows his country’s history) and feels no country is perfect, but believes America is close.

Aiden heard it was Total Drama’s first season taking place exclusively in America as an American version, and he decided to apply to represent his country and be a part of one of the biggest reality’s shows ‘naturalization to this great nation’.

Total Drama Genesis

Audition Tape


Lee Greenwood- God Bless the U.S.A

Lee Greenwood- God Bless the U.S.A. lyrics

Aiden's theme song "God Bless The U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood. Recommended by Gideon

  • Aiden was the fifth member of The Molting Eagles voted off and eighth overall. He received four cups of coffee.
  • Originally, the story was going to have a running plot of a murder mystery, taking place in Washington to tie it into the show Bones. Aiden's character and story was thought of in response to this location. The murder mystery plot was dropped in an early draft, but Aiden stayed as a character, and the story ended up staying in Washington, leading to the development of an American reboot.
  • I had originally planned for Aiden and Melissa's conflict to go on longer but I felt it was out of character for Aiden not to address it, wanted to not be as political and readers wouldn't enjoy the story or character if it went on too long.
  • Similarly Aiden and Melissa weren't going to become a couples so soon, but I reasoned their wasn't any reason for them not to at that point in the story, so I made them officially a couple (and tried to lampshade how silly it is for characters not to hook up other than its too soon).
  • Aiden was meant to be more of a main character in early drafts, but due to the other characters developing more, his role was reduced.
  • Aiden was not always planned to be eliminated eighth. In early drafts he made it to the merge, in one draft being the first out at the merge. Other drafts had him being the last out before the merge, and recently he was planned to survive at least to 13th or 14th place, till it was changed for story reasons.
  • Originally when Aiden was eliminated later, Aiden was going to voulnteer for his team to vote him off after no one did horrible at the challenge and he wanted to spare his teammates. 
  • I didn't want to eliminate Aiden so soon, as I felt I still had some things I wanted to do with him and ideas for him, but I realized he had a pretty complete story. I needed more time to develop future stories fully and saw potential for his elimination cause new plots, so I moved up his elimination to allow room for that.
  • Aiden's name changed a lot through out the drafts, including Paul, Freddy, Dale, and Archie. I eventually settled on Aiden for being a rather common American name and starting with A, like America.