Here are some stories from the original version. Check them out!

Harold vs. the Tough Guy Club

At a park, it showed Harold and Cody sitting on a bench. “You’ve got any plans for this weekend Harold?” asked Cody.

“Sure do.” said Harold. “I’m going to show Duncan that I can be tough!”

“How?” asked Cody.

“By going into that club!” shouted Harold who pointed to a club that said the Bone Crushing Club.

“But that place says tough guy’s only.” said Cody pointing to another sign that said for tough people only. “And by the look of your arms, I don’t think you have the guts to get in there.” It showed Harold’s arms looked very boney.

“Don’t worry.” said Harold. “All I need to do is train a little and then I’ll be able to get in there.” It then cut to a gym.

“Can I help you?” asked a gym teaching coach.

“Yes, I’d like to be trained.” said Harold.

“Okay, I’ll start you off with some weight lifting.” said the coach. “Can you handle this?” It showed a very big weight bench.

“Uh, I think so.” said Harold looking nervous.

“Then get to it.” said the coach. Harold got on and the coach dropped the weight on him causing him to lose his breath.

“Can’t…breath!” he choked.

“C’mon man, lift it!” shouted the coach. Harold tried to lift it but couldn’t. “C’mon man, you can do better than that.” Harold then tried again but then the bench broke slamming Harold to the ground.

“Ouchy.” said Harold in a high pitched voice. The coach then shook his head in disappointment. It then showed him with Cody again.

“Well I just found out that I can’t do weightlifting.” said Harold. “What else is a good way to get exercise?”

“How about jogging?” asked Cody.

“Tried that, passed out in just one mile.” said Harold. “I had to be rushed to the hospital after that.”

“Hmm, maybe someone can help you out, someone who is strong and athletic.” said Cody. It then showed Tyler’s house where he was shown to be lifting something with a bar but it was shown that he was lifting Styrofoam weights. The door then knocked.

“Lindsay, for the last time, I’m busy!” shouted Tyler.

“Hey Tyler, it’s Cody.” said Cody from outside the door.

“And Harold.” said Harold.

“Oh, c’mon in.” said Tyler.

“So Tyler, do you think you can help out Harold?” asked Cody.

“What do you need help with?” asked Tyler.

“I need help to get strong.” said Harold. “I want to so I can get into this tough guys only club.”

“Hmm, sounds tough.” said Tyler. “If you want to exercise now I would have to say it’ll take a couple of months.”

“Aw man!” shouted Harold.

“However, I’ve got a better idea.” said Tyler. “You can just use the body of someone who is strong.”

“And who is someone with a strong body?” asked Harold.

“I know just the person.” said Tyler. It then showed Owen eating a bowl of cheese and then saw it was empty.

“Mom, I’m out of cheese!” he shouted.

“That was your fifth bowl in just five minutes!” shouted his mom from the kitchen. “And I’m still on my third!”

“But I’m still hungry!” shouted Owen.

“Why don’t you take a break from eating right now?” asked Owen’s mom. “Besides, some friends of yours are here to see you.”

“Oh boy!” shouted Owen who ran to the door. He then took the bowl that still had some cheese left on it with him. It then showed them in Owen’s room which was very messy.

“So, what brings you guys here?” asked Owen. “Do we want to have an eating contest? Play Hamburger Bros. the Video Game? Or watch a movie with extra popcorn?”

“We could use your gut for Harold.” said Tyler. “Speaking of your gut, how strong is it?”

“Well I got a log stuck in it once and it didn’t hurt.” said Owen. “It’s also helped me break some falls.”

“Sounds good.” said Tyler. “How strong is it in fights?”

“Pretty strong.” said Owen. “It’s helped me against Heather like that time I spilt my drink on her at that dance.”

“Perfect.” said Tyler. “Harold, sit on Owen’s shoulders.” Harold then got onto Owen’s shoulders.

“Ha ha, it’s like a piggy back ride!” Owen chuckled.

“Now Owen, pull your shirt over your head so it looks like your body is Harolds.” said Tyler. Owen proceeded to do that making it like Owen had Harold’s head and Harold had his body.

“I look ridiculous.” said Harold.

“But it makes you look tough.” said Cody.

“Now let’s see if it works at the tough guy club.” said Tyler. It then showed them at the tough guy club again and Harold sitting on Owen was shown waiting in line.

“Next.” said the guy at the entrance.

“We’re next!” cheered Owen.

“Hello.” said Harold with Owen moving his arms to make it look like they were Harold’s. “I’m a very tough man and I heard your club is pretty tough. Do you think I could enter?”

“Hmm, while you look pretty strong but have a nerdy looking face, I still say you can get in.” said the guy.

“All right!” cheered Harold. He then walked in and saw a bunch of tough people fighting each other. Cody and Tyler were shown peeking through the window.

“How’s he doing?” asked Cody.

“So far so good.” said Tyler.

“Now who should I fight?” asked Harold. Owen’s eyes were shown peeking through two holes on his shirt and he saw a table with food.

“Oh boy snacks!” he shouted. “Come to papa!” He then threw his shirt off in excitement which made Harold get knocked off and he then ran toward the food and started to eat it all. The tough people started looking at Harold.

“Uh, hi.” he said.

“You’re not tough, you’re a nerd!” shouted one of the tough people.

“Get him!” shouted another tough guy and they started attacking Harold while Owen walked away with all the food. It then showed the hospital where Harold was shown to be in a body cast.

“You okay Harold?” asked Cody.

“It hurts.” said Harold.

“I got free snacks.” said Owen.

“Next time we do something like this, let’s not have it involve tough people, exercise, or pain.” said Harold.

“Will do, but this was your idea.” said Cody.

“I know.” said Harold. “And I’m starting to regret it.”

“Don’t worry, you’re only in this body cast for a few weeks and then you’ll be able to do fun stuff again.” said Tyler.

“Well at least nothing else can get worse for me.” said Harold.

“Here’s your bill.” said a nurse giving Harold a bill that said $15.000 dollars.

“Gosh!” shouted Harold from outside the hospital.

Broken Jo

At a high school, it showed a football field where the school’s football teams were shown playing a football game. “And welcome back to the fourth quarter of today’s high school football game.” said the announcer. “We only have about a minute left and both teams are tied. Who’s going to end up winning? The home team or the visiting team?” The home team was shown to have Jo, Tyler, and Lightning playing while the other team was show to have a lot of strong people. “Special thanks today for our home teams quarterback Jo who is our only female member of the team and has managed to make her team win in all games she’s played. Can she continue that streak today?”

“Oh yes I can!” shouted Jo.

“Okay Jo, tell us your plan.” said Tyler as the team huddled.

“It’s very simple, just hike the ball to me and I’ll make it to the goal with no sweat.” said Jo.

“Hey, one of these days you should give Lightning the chance to get the touchdown.” said Lightning.

“You’ve already got us five touchdowns in the second quarter so why are you complaining?” asked Jo.

“I just want to get the winning touchdown.” said Lighting.

“You’ll do it on a day I don’t show up which I don’t think will happen.” said Jo.

“Okay guys, ready?” asked Tyler.

“Hike!” shouted Jo. Tyler then passed her the ball and she started running to the goal.

“And there goes Jo heading toward her team’s goal!” shouted the announcer. “With only thirty seconds, will she make it on time without getting tackled?”

“Give me the ball lady!” shouted one of the other team’s members.

“Nobody calls me lady!” shouted Jo jumping away as the guy tried to pin her down but missed. “Ha, I’m going to score! Too bad guys but nothing can stop me now!” A rock was shown on the ground and she then tripped on it and her ankle landed hard on the rock causing her to let go of the ball. “Ouch, my leg!” she shouted. The ball was shown to have gone through the goal right when the game finished up.

“And the home team wins!” shouted the announcer. “Jo has managed to continue her team’s winning streak again!” The rest of her team then carried her on her shoulders cheering and then placed her in a nearby ambulance which drove off. At a nearby hospital, a doctor was looking at an x-ray of Jo’s leg.

“Well the good news is that your leg is not broken, it’s just a bad sprain.” the doctor explained.

“Thank goodness.” said Jo. “What’s the bad news?”

“The bad news is that you still sprained it pretty hard that you may continue to injure it by walking, so in order to not do that, I’m instructing you to stay off it for a week.” explained the doctor.

“What?!” shouted Jo. “How am I able to continue exercising?”

“I think you can take a break from exercising.” said the doctor. “Think of this as a week off from working. I wish I could get some vacation time soon.”

“Fine.” said Jo.

“Just one more thing to do.” said the doctor. “I’m wrapping your foot up in a bandage just so you don’t interfere with your sprain. And to avoid letting other people see that nasty bruise. If I continue looking at that I’m gonna throw up.” He then looked at her bruise again. “Oh geez.” he said looking away with Jo snarling at him. Later, it showed her house with her sitting on her couch with her sprained leg resting on the table.

“This blows.” she said. “I can’t be stuck on this table for a week. I need to get around and get some exercise.”

“Hey Jo.” said Tyler walking in.

“How did you get in here?” she asked suspiciously.

“You left the front door open.” said Tyler.

“Oh.” said Jo.

“Sorry about your leg.” said Tyler. “But look at the bright side, you managed to win today’s big game!”

“Yes but now I can’t continue practicing for the next big game.” said Jo.

“That was the last game for a while.” said Tyler. “Why do you think it was a big game?”

“Well still, I exercise whenever I get the chance to.” said Jo. “But now I’m stuck on this stupid couch.”

“Tell you what, why don’t I get you some entertainment?” asked Tyler.

“Good you can pass the remote so I can see if there’s any boxing on.” said Jo.

“You can watch TV later.” said Tyler. “I’m getting someone that you can interact with.” He then walked out the door which was still open. “Making sure I close it this time.” said Tyler coming back and closing the door.

“Being injured sucks.” Jo said to herself. “You can’t walk around, you can’t work out, all you can do is sit on your couch doing nothing and the only form of entertainment is wiggling your toes.” She started wiggling her toes on her injured foot but a snap sound was heard from it. “Okay forget that.” she said. The phone started ringing next to her. “Hello?” she asked.

“Yo Jo, you’re missing the celebration party!” said one of the boys on the football team. “What are you doing?”

“I’m on the couch because my stupid foot is sprained.” said Jo.

“Oh well, your loss.” said the boy on the team. “But hey, it’s more fun being at home anyway. Gotta go, we’re about to watch Lightning do his dance moves.” Jo then slammed down the phone in anger.

“This sucks!” she shouted. “I wish my leg would heal faster.”

“Hey Jo, I brought someone to cheer you up.” said Tyler. Owen then walked in dressed like a clown.

“Why hello there!” said Owen. “My name is um…Hungry Fat Pants!”

“Worst name for a clown ever.” said Jo.

“Do you want to see my scarf trick?” asked Owen.

“No.” said Jo.

“Well I’ll do it anyway.” said Owen. He started pulling scarfs out of his nose while humming a circus theme but then started screaming in pain. “Ow ow, it hurts!” he screamed.

“Owen did you stuff them in your nose?” asked Tyler.

“No, I swallowed them but I’m pulling them out from my nose.” said Owen. He continued pulling but then sneezed most of it out along with a bunch of snot. Both Tyler and Jo looked grossed out. “Wait that’s not all of it.” said Owen. He then noticed another scarf was sticking out of his mouth. “Oh here it is!” He then started humming the circus theme again but started choking.

“Owen, you can stop now.” said Tyler. Owen started gagging and started vomiting up the scarfs along with piles of vomit and Izzy who was randomly there.

“Ugh, I’m not doing that again!” shouted Owen. “Hey, I had a shirt tied to that.”

“Well it’s not there.” said Tyler.

“Uh oh.” said Owen. He then coughed up the shirt and started screaming on the floor in pain.

“Can you move me upstairs?” asked Jo.

“Definitely.” said Tyler disgusted. Jo was then shown resting on her bed. “Is there anything else to do for entertainment?” asked Tyler.

“No, you could just leave me alone!” shouted Jo.

“Fine.” said Tyler. “I’m just trying to help.” He then went back downstairs with a mop to clean up Owens’ mess. Jo then heard something knock on her window.

“Who’s there?” she asked.

“It’s me, Noah.” said Noah opening the window. “I’ve come to help out with your injury.”

“How do you know what to do?” asked Jo.

“I’ve got this brace to wear on your foot to make it easier to walk and this cream to help with pain.” said Noah showing her what he got.

“With either of those I still won’t be able to do my exercises.” said Jo.

“Okay, it’ come to the hard way I guess.” said Noah. He then got climbed into her room and walked toward her.

“What are you doing?” she asked. He then hit her with a bat knocking her out unconscious.

“And make sure to tell her it was you and not me or else you’re going to get it.” said Noah to Tyler giving him the bat. Tyler then gulped afterward. Later, Jo woke up in a doctor’s office with Tyler, Noah, Owen, and the doctor standing nearby.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You were unconscious.” said the doctor. “But on the bright side, your leg is much better so you can be able to walk again.”

“Finally.” said Jo. “Was I out for a day?”

“A week.” said the doctor.

“We used sleeping powder on you so you wouldn’t wake up instantly.” said Owen.

“Whatever, I’m going to finally get some exercise.” said Jo walking out of the room but she then tripped on a scale and fell down the stairs with one of her arms looking twisted and her leg looking sprained again. Everyone looked at her and her injured parts.

“Aww man, not again!” shouted Tyler.

“I’ll make sure to knock her out again.” said Noah.

“I’ll make sure to use sleep powder.” said Owen.

“Did I just here someone knocked me out?!” shouted Jo.

“Oh great.” said Noah. Later it showed Jo wearing a sling on her arm and resting her leg again using Owen as a footrest while watching boxing on TV. Tyler and Noah were shown cleaning the house and massaging her shoulders.

“This is what I really needed.” said Jo. “Some people to do hard core labor while I relax.”

“How long do we have to do this work for her?” asked Tyler.

“About a week.” said Noah.

“Aww man!” shouted Tyler. “This blows.”

Dawn the Tree Hugger

In a forest, it showed Dawn meditating while a bunch of animals were shown resting near her. Suddenly the place shook and the animals ran off while also waking up Dawn. “What was that?” she asked herself. She then placed her hand on one of the trees. “From what the tree is feeling right now, it’s something that the forest does not like.” She then started searching and saw a bunch of bulldozers and construction crew surrounding a giant tree.

“Hurry up with those supplies!” shouted a fat looking guy with a cigar. “This damn tree isn’t gonna cut itself!”

“Sir, don’t you think it’s a little harsh to be cutting down a forest in place of a condo?” asked a skinny looking guy. “I mean, this particular tree is at least a hundred years old or so.”

“I don’t care, as long as it’s going to get me money I’m ready to clear down any forest or a big tree.” said the fat guy. “It’s not like anyone’s watching.”

“What are you doing?!” asked Dawn looking shocked by the construction crew.

“We’re plowing down this forest to build some condominiums.” said the fat guy. “And we’re planning to chop down this big tree first.”

“You can’t chop this tree down!” shouted Dawn. “I’ve known it since I was very little. It’s also said to be the largest tree here.”

“Well too bad!” shouted the fat guy. “Nobody on my crew is against it.”

“Technically I am.” said the skinny guy.

“Stanley, you’re fired!” shouted the fat guy. He then ran away crying.

“As you must know, I can sense how this tree feels.” said Dawn. “I can read auras of living things. For example, yours is showing that you were obese for most of your childhood.”

“What, that is not true!” shouted the fat guy. “Okay, maybe in my teen years and college but, never mind, get lost!” His watch then started beeping. “Oh hey, lunch time! C’mon guys, let’s stop at the burger place!” The entire construction crew then left.

“I’ll prevent them from chopping this tree down.” said Dawn to herself. “A beauty this big must be preserved. I just need to find out a way to not make them chop down this forest.” It then showed a store that said Fencing and Stuff.

“Can I help you?” asked the cashier.

“Yes, do you have any barb wire and stakes?” asked Dawn. “I’m trying to protect this tree from being chopped down in place for a condo.”

“You mean the one in the forest?” asked the cashier. “I’m actually supporting the condo. The ads say it’s going to look pretty sweet.”

“In that case, I’ll be going.” said Dawn leaving the store.

“Oh wait, I’m thinking about that big open area of land, not that forest.” said the cashier who noticed Dawn was gone. “Miss?” he asked. Dawn was then shown sitting on a bench. It then showed DJ walking by with his bunny.

“C’mon bunny, let’s get you some fresh carrots.” he said. He then noticed Dawn. “Oh hey, you’re the girl who went on that camping trip with us. What’s up?”

“I’m trying to stop these guys from chopping down one of the largest trees in the forest to make a condo.” explained Dawn.

“What? That’s terrible.” said DJ. “What my momma has told me, things should never be chopped down who shot while they’re still living.”

“Very interesting.” said Dawn. “You mom sounds like a nice person.”

“She raised me very well.” said DJ. “Now then, let’s help you save your tree.” It then showed a montage of Dawn and DJ giving people flyers that said Save the Trees but no one grabbed them. It then showed them putting up posters but someone else put up posters of the condos. Then it showed them promoting a campaign for Save the Forest but a bunch of people then moved over to a stand that said Support the Condos. Afterwards it then showed Dawn and DJ sitting on the bench again.

“I don’t think any of this is working.” said DJ. “Do you have any other plans?”

Dawn started thinking and then snapped her fingers. “I’ve got it!” she said. “I’ve got the perfect plan that will at least slow them down and a secret plan to go along with it.”

“Sound’s good.” said DJ. “What is it?” Dawn then whispered it to DJ who then smiled and nodded. Later it was nighttime and the construction crew was leaving.

“Time to call it a night boys.” said the fat guy. “Tomorrow we’ll cut this tree down!” The crew then left and after they were gone, Dawn appeared with a bag and a grappling hook. She then threw the rope at the branch and climbed up.

“If they won’t move, then I’m not gonna move.” she said to herself. “And if they try to force me to move, they’ll soon see something that will chase them out for good.” She then rolled out a sleeping bag and fell asleep on the tree branch. The next morning, it showed a bunch of people and the construction crew heading toward the forest.

“Well today’s the day we cut down that tree.” said the fat guy.

“And we have all of our condo supporters watching too!” said a dumb looking guy.

“Please don’t embarrass me.” said the fat guy.

“Hey boss, somebody’s in dat tree.” said the dumb guy.

“Oh no, it’s that girl again, the tree whisperer or something.” said the fat guy.

“It’s aura whisperer, and I’m not moving until you guys leave.” said Dawn.

“Oh you’ll be moving.” said the fat guy. “Mitch, can you come over please?”

“Sure thing boss.” said Mitch who was revealed to be a huge strong looking guy.

“Man, I hope she knows what she’s doing.” said DJ hiding in a bush.

“I bet he makes you scared.” said the fat guy.

“While he does look menacing, I think this is going to scare you guys more.” said Dawn. She then snapped her fingers and a bunch of forest animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, deer, and some bears came out.

“Ha, do you think these animals can stop us?” asked the fat guy.

“Haven’t you ever seen those movies when animals get revenge on people for wrecking their homes?” asked Dawn.

“Crap.” said the fat guy. The animals then charged at the construction crew and most of them ran away.

“I don’t wanna be squirrel kabobs!” shouted the dumb guy. A couple of other guys back away against a tree and they then heard a whistle. They then looked up and a bunch of squirrels dumped acorns on them.

“Ouch, I thought acorns were light!” shouted one of the guys.

“That’s just a few acorns!” shouted the other guy.

“Whatever, I’m outta here!” shouted the first guy.

“Me too!” shouted the second guy and the two took off. Two other scared guys were shown shaking in fear but they then saw a cute looking bunny.

“Aww, look at the cute rabbit.” said one of the guys. The bunny then roared like a bear and guys then took off in the construction vehicles.

“Come back you cowards!” shouted the fat guy. “They’re just animals!”

“You obviously haven’t seen that movie!” shouted one of the guys farther away.

“Do you give up yet?” asked Dawn.

“No, I’m gonna chop down that tree myself!” shouted the fat guy getting a chainsaw and then charging at the tree.

“Hold it right there!” shouted someone.

“What, who’s there?” asked the fat man. The person was revealed to be a forest ranger.

“I’m head of the national park that’s on the other side of this forest and that big tree you are planning to cut down is part of our property.” explained the ranger. “Because you’re trying to cut down something that’s not your property, I’m placing you under arrest.”

“What, but you’re not a policeman!” shouted the fat guy.

“Technically I am.” said the ranger. “I have a part time job as a policeman.”

“Aww man.” said the fat man. The ranger then called a police car and he was then put into it.

“Take him away boys.” said the ranger.

“You’ll pay for this tree girl!” shouted the fat man as the car drove away.

“We did it!” cheered DJ with Dawn climbing down from the tree.

“I’m very proud of you two.” said the ranger. “You did whatever you could to make sure this tree wouldn’t be chopped down. It’s just that people can’t tell this section is part of the national park.”

“Why don’t you put a sign?” asked DJ.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” the ranger asked himself.

“I’m glad you got those guys to stop cutting the tree down but how did you know about it?” asked Dawn.

“It was simple, your friend called right away and I arrived just at the right moment.” explained the Ranger.

“Thanks DJ.” said Dawn.

“No problem.” said DJ.

“Now is there anything I can help you else with?” asked the ranger. Dawn thought for a second and then later it showed a fresh new sign for the national park along with a plaque for the tree. Dawn was also shown on the sign for the park.

“I like what you guys did with the park.” said DJ looking at all the people visiting the park

“Well it was her who did most of it.” said the ranger pointing to Dawn. “Thanks for your help.”

“No problem.” said Dawn. She then winked toward the camera and smiled.

DJ's Diner

In DJ’s yard, DJ was shown with a bunch of wood and tools and was putting together a small stand. “Hey DJ, what’s up?” asked Geoff who was with Bridgette.

“Oh hi guys.” said DJ. “I’m building a little food shack where I will have a small diner.”

“Sounds pretty cool.” said Bridgette.

“Why are you doing it?” asked DJ.

“Well, Momma was talking to me one day.” DJ began talking and it then turned into a flashback showing DJ with his momma.

“Sonny, you cook so well, I bet you can make a small shack and serve your food to the entire neighborhood.” said DJ’s Momma. “I’ll bet if you do that you’re going to become a well known icon here.”

“Thanks Momma.” said DJ. It then cut back to DJ, Geoff, and Bridgette. “And that’s how I got the idea.” said DJ.

“Wow, pretty neat.” said Geoff. “But you’re not going to be able to do all this by yourself.”

“Yeah, you need some help with the building and you could use an assistant chef.” said Bridgette.

“And a server.” said Geoff.

“Okay then, you guys can help me build and once it’s built, Bridgette can be my assistant chef, and you can be the server.” explained DJ.

“Sounds fun.” said Geoff. “Let’s build this snack shack!” It then showed a construction montage with DJ and Geoff carrying wood, Bridgette hammering nails, DJ sawing wood, and Geoff drilling wood. DJ and Geoff continued putting the wood together and Bridgette was shown designing a sign. It then showed Geoff hammering and he hit his thumb accidently and crashed into paint buckets while he was holding his thumb in pain. Finally, it showed a finished food stand with a nice color, nice interior, and a nice sign.

“We’re finished!” said DJ.

“Looks awesome!” said Geoff with his thumb bandaged.

“Now what are you planning on serving?” asked Bridgette.

“Oh my usual sandwiches that you all like and I was also think we could serve some of the stuff that we cooked back during that cooking challenge on TDI.” explained DJ.

“Sounds good.” said Geoff. “But don’t we need like a stove for that stuff?”

“Already taken care of.” said DJ. He then showed them a battery powered electric stove.

“Cool.” said Geoff. “Let’s get cooking!” Elsewhere, it showed Owen and Noah walking in the neighborhood.

“Did you know Izzy can swallow her entire foot and pull it back out?” said Owen to Noah.

“How come all the things that you say about Izzy are are gross?” asked Noah looking disgusted about what Owen said.

“Because that’s what we talk about when it’s just us.” said Owen. “Mostly it’s about food.”

“I’d rather you too keep that stuff to yourself.” said Noah. Suddenly Owen smelt something in the air.

“What is that delicious smell?” he asked.

“It’s that garbage can over there.” said Noah plugging his nose with a garbage can in the background.

“No not that, it’s coming from over there.” said Owen. He then headed toward where the smell was coming from and Noah just decided to follow him. Owen then saw DJ’s food stand. “Holy cow, DJ’s making his sandwiches!”

“Hey Owen, want some sandwiches?” asked DJ.

“Do I ever!” shouted Owen who then began eating all of them. “You make the best sandwiches ever!”

“Well that’s just your opinion Owen.” said DJ. “Everyone has their own style for making sandwiches and that’s just how I do mine. I would call it the best ever.”

“They’re the best I’ve tasted.” said Owen.

“Well why don’t you try some of our spaghetti too?” asked DJ. Owen suddenly slurped most of it up.

“Delicious!” shouted Owen. “You guys make more; I’m going to tell everyone else about this!” He then ran off.

“I’m sure Owen is going to make it a success.” said Geoff.

“I think it’s going to be.” said DJ noticing a bunch of people showing up.

“Give us plenty DJ!” said Cody.

“I want five sandwiches!” said Tyler.

“I want ten!” said Chris who was randomly there. It then showed a montage of people getting their sandwiches and food. After a while, a limo was shown driving by and it then back up in front of DJ’s stand.

“Look, a limousine!” said Geoff. A short guy then came out.

“Greetings fellows.” said the man. “I am food critic Gustav Parmesan and I have noticed that this particular food stand is attracting a lot of attention.”

“It’s got delicious food.” said Owen.

“We’ll see about that.” said Gustav. “I’ll have all of the food here that you’ve got.” DJ then gave him spaghetti and a sandwich and he then sat at a table. He then glanced at the food and then took a small bite of each. He then looked at DJ who looked nervous. Gustav had a suspicious look on his face after eating. “Why this sir…is the best food I have ever tasted!” DJ sighed in relief and everyone started applauding. “However, I think that this little shack is not enough. You must get an expansion and I’ll be the one helping with that.”

“Alright DJ!” cheered Owen. DJ was then led into the limousine with Geoff and Bridgette getting in as well.

“Wow, my food has been recognized by a food critic!” said DJ. “I feel so proud!”

“And your mom will be too when she find out you’re going to be running a restaurant!” said Geoff. Later, it showed them inside an empty restaurant building.

“This place is small but It’s good enough for the restaurant you’re gonna run.” said Gustav.

“It looks good for just the three of us.” said DJ.

“Of course it’s good.” said Gustav. “It’s got a nice big kitchen, a nice room for your guests, and nice architectural design as well.”

“The design is pretty cool.” said Geoff.

“Now then, let’s work on staff.” said Gustav. “You currently have three people; you’re going to need more!”

“But its fine with just three.” said DJ.

“No it’s not!” shouted Gustav. “This place is going to have hundreds of people in here and three people are not enough! You need at least five cooks and three waiters!”

“Well, I can deal with those.” said DJ.

“Why yes you can, but I’ve got a skilled cook for you that you can use.” said Gustav. “Meet, Penelope!” It then showed a black haired Goth looking girl with an unhappy face.

“Uh, she kinda looks mean.” said DJ.

“Yes yes, she can get intense at times, but she can cook at rapid speed!” said Gustav. “Let me show you what she can do. Penelope, make me some roasted ribs with a side of mash potatoes!” She then got to work and in just a few seconds she came back with the food.

“Wow, she’s good.” said Geoff.

“Of course she is.” said Gustav. “She’s my daughter.”

“Oh, cool.” said Geoff.

“Well I’d better be going.” said Gustav. “I’ve got some restaurants to critique.” He then left the building leaving DJ, Geoff, and Bridgette with Penelope.

“I don’t know guys, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” said DJ. “I’d rather just do my food stand.”

“But this will make your momma proud.” said Geoff.

“Yeah but this guy is a little demanding, and his daughter looks a little…scary.” said DJ.

“You’re actually right DJ.” said Bridgette. “She does look a little creepy.”

“Well that’s because I’m a Goth” said Penelope which scared DJ because she didn’t talk earlier.

“Well are you interested in cooking?” asked DJ.

“No, I only do it to impress my dad.” said Penelope.

“But you can cook very well.” said DJ.

“I know but it’s something that I don’t enjoy.” said Penelope. “I’d rather be with my friends, not getting cooped up in some kitchen.”

“Don’t you have a mom to hang out with?” asked Geoff.

“Eh, she divorced dad a while ago.” said Penelope. “I’m planning on moving in with her once I’m done with high school.”

“What are you planning to do instead of cooking?” asked DJ.

“I’m probably going to draw.” said Penelope. “My mom’s an artist.”

“I can see why they got divorced.” said Geoff.

“Hey, do you guys smell something funny?” asked Bridgette.

“Smells like fur.” said Geoff.

“It’s coming from the pantry.” said DJ. He opened it up and saw a bunch of rats in there. “Eww, there’s a rat infestation in here!”

“What?!” shouted Geoff.

“Gross, there’s a whole family in there!” shouted Bridgette looking disgusted.

“Why didn’t dad check earlier?!” asked Penelope. “That’s it, I’m calling mom.” She then got out a cell phone.

“Hello?” asked Penelope’s mom.

“Hi mom, I’m moving in with you.” said Penelope.

“Well it’s about time you made your decision.” said Penelope’s mom. “What made you decide?”

“Dad got a restaurant building with a rat infestation.” said Penelope.

“I told you he was a bad influence.” said Penelope’s mom. “I’ll be right there.” Suddenly a helicopter flew over the building and a ladder fell down. Penelope soon grabbed on and the helicopter flew away with her.

“Bye Penelope!” shouted Geoff.

“I don’t care what he said but I am not accepting his offer.” said DJ.

“Me neither!” shouted Geoff.

“Same here!” shouted Bridgette. "I would never work at a place with a rat infestation."

“Let’s go home.” said DJ. They then left the building. After they left, Gustav came back.

“Okay, I’ve got some waiters for you!” he said with a bunch of teenage waiters but noticed they weren’t there. “Aww not again! Oh well, maybe those rats can cook like in that movie I saw.” Back at DJ’s house, it showed him running the food stand again with Geoff and Bridgette.

“Well, even though running a restaurant sounds fun, I’d rather wait for now.” said DJ.

“Same here.” said Bridgette.

“Hey, with this stand, you’ve managed to make your momma proud and you’re well known in this neighborhood.” said Geoff. “You right my bud.” said DJ.

“Tenth’s please?” asked Owen.

“Coming right up!” said DJ as the stand was shown to have a lot of people eating his sandwiches and spaghetti at picnic tables with DJ’s momma watching smiling.

Saving Private Duncan

The camera was showing the neighborhood and it stopped at Duncan’s house. “DUNCAN!!!” his dad shouted from inside.

“What now?” asked Duncan. “I was to play my Heavy Metal Band game.”

“Your report card is ridiculous!” shouted Duncan’s dad. “You’ve got mostly C’s and D’s and a lot of bad comments from your teachers! One of them says that you spent the entire class drawing on your desk and you had to clean it up during the lunch period.

“I was bored!” shouted Duncan. “Math class is super boring!”

“This was English.” said Duncan’s dad.

“Whatever, they’re all boring!” shouted Duncan.

“I have had it with your continuous bad grades!” shouted Duncan’s dad. “And I’ve also had it with your delinquent attitude! Luckily I have a good idea to fix both of those problems.”

“And what’s that?” asked Duncan.

“I’m going to send you to military academy.” said Duncan’s dad smirking.

“What?!” shouted Duncan.

“Honey, what have I said about military academy.” said Duncan’s mom entering the room. “I think our son could do better if he was told what to do.”

“Sorry honey, I’ve already finished the paperwork and the bus is on its way.” said Duncan’s dad. The bus then stopped in front of the house. “Well, here’s your bags son, see you soon.” He then pushed Duncan onto the bus who then gave him a angry look as the bus drove off.”

“I don’t like your way of portraying our son as a criminal.” said Duncan’s mom.

“Well he is, and he has to be taught a lesson.” said Duncan’s dad.

“The next time you do something like you’re going to be sleeping in a hotel.” said Duncan’s mom.

“Fine.” said Duncan’s dad. “I guess tonight I’m sleeping on the couch.”

“Yes.” said Duncan’s mom. Duncan’s dad then grumbled. Meanwhile it showed the military academy building and all of the students were there with Duncan. The teacher then marched in front of them.

“Welcome to military academy.” said the teacher who looked like a drill sergeant. “Here you’re going to be pushed around in order to become men! I can already picture you as members of the army!”

“Hey I’m already strong, I don’t see why I’m here!” shouted Duncan.

“You’re here because you dad wanted to use your strength for good use!” shouted the drill sergeant teacher. “He doesn’t want you using it to do silly delinquent pranks! He also wants you to be civilized and to support your leaders! That’s exactly why you’re here!”

“This bites.” Duncan said to himself. It then showed them outside.

“The first thing you guys are gonna do is this obstacle course!” shouted the drill sergeant teacher. “Here you will learn how to move around in a tight situation! It’ll require you to crawl, duck, and not give up! Now go!” It then showed a montage of the students going through the obstacle course. Most of them had trouble while Duncan ended up going through easily and wrecked most of the things that were in his way. He then stood in front of the teacher.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“That was good, but the rules said not to wreck the course while you were at it!” shouted the drill sergeant teacher.

“Aww c’mon, I made it through didn’t I?!” shouted Duncan.

“As punishment for not following one of the rules, you’re going to have to go on kitchen duty!” shouted the teacher. It then showed Duncan serving food to the other students.

“This place sucks.” said Duncan. “I have a feeling dad sent me here just to teach me a lesson.”

“First time here huh?” asked someone.

“Who said that?” asked Duncan.

“Me sir.” said the guy who was revealed to be Brick. “The name’s Brick and I’m probably the closest to being a cadet.”

“So why are you here?” asked Duncan.

“I wanted to learn more but it turns out I’ve learned everything so now I’m stuck here until the semester is done.” said Brick.

“Pfft, this place is boring enough as it is.” said someone else who was shown to be Scott. “The food sucks, you’re pushed around a lot, and they hope you join the military but really you end up getting a job at McDonalds.”

“Heh, I remember my first job after finishing my first military school course.” laughed Brick.

“Whatever, I’m planning on busting out.” said Duncan.

“What would your parents think?” asked Brick.

“My dad would flip out but let me check with my mom.” said Duncan getting out a phone and dialing his mom.

“Hello?” asked Duncan’s mom.

“Hey mom, is it okay if I break out of military school?” asked Duncan

“Well if you’re able to get out of juvie then you’ll probably get out of there.” said Duncan’s mom.

“Okay, she doesn’t mind.” said Duncan. “Are you two in?”

“Yes.” said Scott. “This place can’t get any worse.”

“Attention, it’s time to do the laundry!” shouted the teacher.

“I spoke too soon.” said Scott. The three of them then crawled into an air vent before the teacher got into the room.

“Now where would be the closest exit?” asked Duncan.

“I think I remember that way leads toward the exit.” said Brick.

“Hurry up and decide.” said Scott. “It’s cramped in here.”

“Okay, let’s try that path.” said Duncan. The three of them then crawled down that path and a little bit afterward, they saw the outside. “I think that’s the way out.” said Duncan.

“Well, open the vent!” shouted Scott. Duncan then kicked it open and the three of jumped out.

“We did it!” cheered Duncan.

“Uh guys, we’re not done yet.” said Brick pointing to a gate farther away and a bunch of guards patrolling it.

“Don’t worry guys, I know exactly what to do.” said Duncan.

“What’s that?” asked Brick.

“Hijack a vehicle.” said Duncan jumping into a nearby parked truck.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” asked Brick.

“Relax, I’ve broken out of juvie at least fifty times and I’ve never been caught once while escaping.” explained Duncan. He then hotwired the truck and it started.

“I’m starting to get nervous.” said Brick.

“Here we go!” shouted Duncan driving toward the gate.

“Hey dude, do you here that?” asked one of the guards.

“No what?” asked the other guard. The truck then slammed into him.

“Dude are you okay?” asked the first guard.

“Ouch.” said the second guard.

“Attention, three cadets in training have escaped!” shouted someone on the intercom. “Catch them at all costs.”

“They won’t be dropping out this early!” shouted the teacher. A bunch of guards in trucks started chasing after Duncan’s crew.

“They’re gaining on us!” shouted Brick looking worried.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do!” shouted Duncan. He then pressed down on the gas and the truck then slammed through the gate.

“Why haven’t I seen you earlier?” asked Scott.

“Probably because I’m hard to catch.” said Duncan.

“Students are getting away!” shouted the guards.

“Well don’t stop, get them!” shouted the teacher. The trucks continued after them.

“They’re still after us!” shouted Brick.

“Don’t worry!” shouted Duncan. “I’ll lose them!” He then did a sharp turn and smashed into a container with barrels. The barrels then spilt out smashing into the trucks disabling them while Duncan’s truck drove away in a huge dirt cloud. One last truck then continued after them.

“There’s still one on our trail!” shouted Brick.

“Look, the exit bridge!” shouted Scott. The bridge was shown lifting up.

“This is going to be close!” shouted Duncan. He then hit the gas and both trucks then drove off the bridge. Duncan’s truck made it to the other side while the other truck fell into the river below.

“We did it!” shouted Duncan. Brick was shown to have passed out from panicking.

“They got away sir.” said the guard at the entrance.

“Oh well.” said the teacher. “See if you can get three people to replace them.”

“Can you guys be replacements?” asked the guard to three other guards. They then shook their heads. “Drat!” he shouted. Later, it showed Duncan, Brick, and Scott in Duncan’s neighborhood.

“Even though you’re a bad influence to others, you’re not bad.” said Brick.

“You’re alright as well.” said Duncan. “I’ll see you around.” Brick then left. “And you, Scott is it?” asked Duncan. “Do you think we can get along?”

“I don’t think so.” said Scott. “You’re too good for me.” He then left without saying anything else.

“Geez, looks like I’ve met a new Heather.” said Duncan. He then went into his house. “Mom, I’m back.”

“Well, it seems like your stay at military academy didn’t last long.” said Duncan’s mom.

“It’s not my thing.” said Duncan. “Where’s dad?”

“Oh he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.” said Duncan’s mom. It then showed him at the military camp serving food to the other students.

“I’m starting to see why Duncan didn’t want to come here.” he said.

“No stopping!” shouted the teacher. Duncan’s dad then growled as he continued to serve food.

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