Adam (TDW)
Killer Sharks
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Jeopardy!"
Place TDW: 17th
Friends Tanya, Rena, Derek
Enemies Michael
Fear Ghosts
Talent Camping, Weaving, Sewing

Adam, labeled The Outdoorsman, qualified for Total Drama Woods and is currently on the Killer Sharks.


Total Drama Woods

Adam is the eleventh camper to arrive on the island. He loves camping and being outside. He joined Total Drama Woods to explore the wilderness.

In Here and Now?, Adam tells Chris he is excited to be here because he loves camping. Michael gets angry because he isn't taking the competition seriously. Later, Tanya asks Adam if he wants to be in an alliance with the Screaming Beavers, which he hesitantly accepts. When they are on the plane, Adam pretends to have acrophobia.

In Fame Is the Name of the Game, Adam tries to get into the talent show to sabotage it. He fails, because Michael thinks his act is boring. Adam sabotages Vivian's act and causes Eric's concussion. He also puts something in Bianca's food, eliminating her from the talent show.

In Canoewrecked, Adam is partnered with Jamie. Adam tricks Jamie into revealing her alliance with Michael.

In The Gold Meddle, Adam is chosen for the archery challenge. He purposely misses the apple, but accidentally rips Bianca's bra off.

In Cirque de Stupide, Adam tries to participate in a challenge, but is turned down by Michael, who thinks he's a traitor. Later, when Tanya was competing in the unicycle challenge, Adam cheered her on, making Michael angry. Michael cut Tanya's line, causing Adam to tackle Michael and they fought. Rena defends Adam, but it does not work well.

In Jeopardy!, Adam was chosen to be the banana-thrower for the Killer Sharks. He tries to throw the challenge, but Rena jumps in the way of them. Adam is chosen by Michael and Jamie for the game show challenge so that they can keep an eye on him. Adam tries to throw the challenge to, but so does Rena. Rena gets eliminated first, but Adam goes next. Michael convinces his team to vote off Adam and succeeds. Before Adam goes, he asks Chris if he can talk to Tanya one more time, but Chris says he can't.

In Afraid to Merge...NOT!, Adam returns to the competition, which makes Tanya happy, but Michael angry. Adam helps Tanya face her fear of mice by encouraging her. Later, Adam has to face his fear of ghosts, but fails when Michael surprises him.

In Here Comes the Ton, Adam runs along with Tanya. Adam says he screwed up and he is glad to have a chance to make up for it. The two fall in a hole that Chris set up. Later, when Tanya says she feels guilty about his elimination, he makes her feel better by saying that he's back now.


  • Adam's appearance is an edit of Noah.

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