Abby Zinman is a character competiting in Endurance: Fiji. She is labeled The Naïve Romantic. Abby has yet to be eliminated.

Gender Female
Eliminated  ?
Place  ?
Teammate Dade
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Hometown Albequerque, New Mexico



Chapter Guide



  • Abby's image was drawn by BrunoSomebody. Abby's original image was drawn for Sunslicer2, and later recycled for Abby's character.
  • Abby was originally a character named Aileen, a shy analyst.
  • Abby's character is based off of a character with the same name in How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Britney Spears. In HIMYM, Abby was a very naïve girl who got easily obsessed with the idea of being in love. These traits will be used in Abby's character in Endurance. Abby's last name comes from the last name of the doctor that Abby was the receptionist for in HIMYM.

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