This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Chris McLean, with a lot of leftover money, did not know what do with it. He eventually decided to make his own reality show, with twenty-two contestants. Will the contestants survive eachother? Will they survivor Chris' challenges? How about Chef Hatchet's, Chris' hired chef, slop? The winner will get one… hundred… thousand… dollars! Will Chris' dreams of being a reality show TV host survive? Find out only on Total… Drama… Island!

Written By: Mr. Totaldramaman


A Totally Dramatic Island is a remake of Total Drama Island.


Theme Song



The Not So Great Outdoors part 1


"Yo!" Chris McLean said. "We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario. I'm your host, Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!"
Chris walked to the Dock of Shame. "Here's the deal, twenty-two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgment of their fellow campers. Every three days, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the loser boat, ha ha, and leave Total Drama Island, for good!"
Chris walked over to the campfire pit. "Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive... a marshmallow." Chris took a bite of one marshmallow. "In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune, which let's face it: they're probably blow in a week. To survive, they'll have to battle... Black flies..."
Flies were heard buzzing.
"Grizzly bears,"
Grizzly bears were heard roaring.
"Disgusting camp food!" 
"Hey now," a grub on plate smirked.
"And, each other! Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of camera situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here right now on... Total... Drama... Island!"
The theme song played.

"It's time to meet our first few campers!" Chris announced, as a boat arrived to the dock.
Duncan hopped off the first boat. "Where is everybody?"
"Your the first one here," Chris rolled his eyes.
"Don't play smart with me," Duncan took out his pocket knife.
"Calm down," Chris encouraged, "man."
Another boat arrived to the island, and on it was DJ, petting a bunny.
"Hello everybody," DJ whispered.
"DJ!" Chris screamed. "Get off the boat!"
The bunny's eyes widened up as it ran away, and fell into the water. It tried to get out of the water, as if it were quick sand, but eventually drowned.
DJ frowned, as he walked off the boat.
"You killed a bunny!" DJ whimpered.
"Cool, bro," Chris rolled his eyes again.
DJ walked over to Duncan. "I'm DJ," DJ greeted.
"Duncan," Duncan said.
"When do you think another contestant is coming?" DJ asked.
"Now," Duncan pointed out to sea.
A third boat pulled over at the dock.
"Trent!" Chris greeted. "Come on over!"
Trent, holding a guitar, got off the boat. "Hey Chris, great to be here."
"I'm sure it is," Chris replied, as Trent walked over to the other two males.
"Trent, is it?" DJ asked. "I'm DJ, this is..."
"Duncan," Duncan sighed.
"Nice to meet you," Trent smiled. "What are you guys in this for?"
"Money," Duncan said, confused.
"I want to win to make a shelter for lonely animals," DJ blushed. "You?"
"Love," Trent said.
DJ and Duncan cocked an eyebrow, as another boat arrived to the dock.
Ezekiel jumped off it.
"Ezekiel!" Chris greeted. "My man! What's up?"
Ezekiel looked into the air, "I think I see a bird." A white substance dropped on his face.
"Uhh," Chris said, pushing him to the other three.
"Chris?" Duncan asked. "If this is all male, you're an extreme sexist."
"I'm in this for love!" Trent whined. "It can't be all male!"
"You'll see," Chris gave them the hand, as a fifth boat arrived to the island.
Harold hopped out of the boat, "Hello earthlings."
"Hello nerdling," Duncan walked over, giving Harold a wedgie.
"Gosh!" Harold said. "That better only be first impression conflicts."
"Okay Harold," Chris rolled his eyes, as the two contestants walked back to the others.
"Names?" Harold asked.
"Trent," Trent said.
"Ezekiel, eh?" Ezekiel said.
"DJ," DJ said. "And that's Duncan." DJ jerked a thumb towards Duncan."
The camera went back to Chris.
"When we're back," Chris said, "we'll introduce more contestants, on Total... Drama... Island!"

"Welcome back," Chris said, "to Total Drama Island. Contestant number six is about to arrive!"
Just as Chris said that, a yacht pulled over, and dropped off Heather who was wearing black sunglasses.
"Heather!" Chris greeted. "Welcome to Total Drama Island!"
Heather took off her sunglasses, as she complained, "This does not look like a five-star summer camp."
"Is daddy's little girl not getting her way for once?" Chris fake-cried, with a curled bottom lip.
"Hey," Duncan said, "beautiful."
"Ew!" Heather complained. "Drop dead, you skeeze."
Heather walked to the five males, and Trent smiled.
"A girl!" Trent exclaimed. "Are you like me?"
Another boat arrived to the dock, and Courtney was on it.
"Welcome to the island," Chris said, "Courtney!"
"Thank you," Courtney waved, smiling. "Hi, you must be the other contestants. It's really nice to meet you all."
"You too," Trent said, helping her off the boat.
"Thank you," Courtney smiled.
"Will you be my love?" Trent asked.
"Uh," Courtney stared at him awkwardly, as she walked to the other contestants.
"Wait!" Trent yelled, running after her.
"Contestant number eight," Chris announced, as a boat was seen arriving at the island.
"I did not sign up for this," Gwen folded her arms.
"Oh?" Chris rhetorically asked. "Then what's this? Is it a contract? Yes. Yes it is."
Gwen sighed, as she got off the boat and walked to the other seven contestants.
"Score!" Trent said to himself. "Just don't be too awkward, and maybe she'll like you!"
"Are you talking to yourself?" Gwen rolled her eyes.
"No," Trent winked. "Just thinking of some corny pick-up lines to say to you."
Gwen blushed.
"Winning," Trent muttered.
"It is I!" Izzy swung onto camp from a vine. "Izzy!!"
Her chin hit the dock, and she made a derpy expression.
"Is she okay?" Courtney asked.
"Yeah," Chris said. "She's fine."
"I'm fine!" Izzy said, next to Courtney.
"How'd you..." Courtney's question trailed off.
"Double digits!" Chris announced, as a boat arrived to camp. "Eva!"
Eva was seen lifting weights.
"You can get down," Chris sighed.
Eva took her dufflebag, and got off the boat.
The nine contestants all stared at her.
"What!?" Eva screamed. She pointed to her mole, "You all scared of this!?"
"Contestant eleven has arrived," Chris said, as a ninth (if you include Heather's yacht - tenth) boat arrived.
Noah was seen on the boat, reading a book. "Daring Do stood at the entrance..."
"Noah!!" Chris yelled. "Get down."
Noah sighed, as he stepped off the boat.
"Is this where we're staying?" Noah asked.
"No," Duncan said, sarcastically, "it's your mother's house and we're throwing a party." 
"Cute," Noah rolled his eyes. "Nice piercings. Original. Do them yourself?"
Duncan grabbed Noah's lip and took out a pin, "Yeah, you want one?"
"Uh," Noah said, "no thanks. Can I have my lip back please?"
"What are you reading?" DJ asked.
Noah held up the cover of his book.
"Daring Do and the Saphire Stone," DJ read.
"Well," Chris said. "That's half of 'em. Who will join us next? Stay tuned."

"Welcome back," Chris said to the camera, as another boat arrived to the island. "Hello!"
"Hi," Ariel smiled, stepping off the boat. "My name's Ariel, and I'd love to get to know you all."
"Haha!" Duncan laughed hysterically, making Ariel frown. "Ariel!? How tall are you? Like an inch?"
"I'm... I'm four-six," Ariel frowned.
Courtney rolled her eyes, and said, "Come on Ariel."
Ariel's eyes turned into sparkles the moment he saw Courtney. "Oh, hi." He scratched his head.
"Midget's a bit shy," Duncan said.
A tear fell from Ariel's eye.
Courtney walked up to Ariel, "All will be okay."
Ariel hugged Courtney and started crying on her stomach.
Courtney's expression on her face turned from friendly to awkward.
"Okay," Courtney said, pushing Ariel off of her.
"Oh," Ariel sighed. "Sorry."
A boat arrived to the dock, and dropped off Beth.
"Hey, guy'th!" Beth waved.
"Does braces have a li'th'p?" Duncan mocked Beth.
"It'th Beth..." Beth sighed.
"Or is it Bes?" Duncan chuckled.
Courtney stared at Duncan, shaking her head.
"Owen!" Chris said.
Owen tooted, "Hi Chris."
Chris plugged his nose. "Bye."
Owen walked to the other thirteen contestants.
"Hi everybody!" Lindsay said, on her boat. "I can't help but love my boots. You may now stare at them in awe."
The fourteen contestants and Chris rolled their eyes.
"Haha," Lindsay said, "just joking."
"Next contestant is Tyler..." Chris said, as Tyler was seen on his boat playing with a yo-yo.
"And Cody..." Chris continued, as Cody was seen on the same boat as Trent. "And Geoff..." Geoff was seen on the same boat as the other two males.
"So I see the ladies are all here," Cody winked.
"What's up, Codemister?" Chris asked.
"I think I see a bird," Ezekiel repeated.
"I didn't ask you," Chris said.
Geoff hopped off the bus. "'Sup, man?"
"I'm good," Chris said, "man."
"Great," Geoff replied, "man."
"If they say man one more time," Gwen said, "I'm gonna puke."
"Ladies and gents," Chris said, "best friends Katie and Sadie!"
"Eeeeeee!" the two friends in pink squealed, as everyone else plugged their ears.
"Last two contestants," Chris announced. "Bridgette!"
"Hey, everyone," Bridgette greeted.
"Nice board," Duncan mocked.
"I thought we were gonna be on the beach," Bridgette shrugged.
"We are on the beach!" Chris said, as the final boat arrived. "Holy kumquats!"
"Is that a play on my shirt?" Leshawna said, offended.
"No," Chris gulped. "Anyways, you twenty-two are the first twenty-two contestants in Total Drama history!"
The contestants cheered.
"Let's cut to the chase," Chris said. "I will be your host, Chris McLean. Can everyone please pose for a cast picture?"
The contestants all posed.
As Chris was about to take the picture, the wood entirely broke, and the cast was drowning.
"Medics!" Chris said. "They'll be all right, stay tuned."

"Contestants," Chris announced, "please follow me."
Chris led the contestants to an outhouse, "This is a video diary room. You can say anything you want in here, and nobody else will know."
Trent: Gwen is so epic.
Courtney: Ariel and Trent are so creepy...
Gwen: Trent is weird.
"Anyways," Chris help up a statue of his head. "This is the Chris Head. At any elimination ceremony, you can bring it up and you'll be safe. These are hidden all around the island, so be cautious. Now, let's get to teams."
"What are the teams?" Tyler asked.
"Wasn't I just about to say?" Chris said. "Boys," he pointed to his right, "go here. Girls," he pointed to his left, "go here. These are the official teams."
Katie: (with Sadie) When Chris told us we were going to be split by gender, I was going to be with Sadie so I was so happy!
Katie & Sadie: Eeeee!!
Ezekiel: We're going to be split boys against girls, so that means the boys are going to win every challenge and the girls will be wiped out, eh. Boys are superior-er than girls.
"Boys," Chris said, "your team color is green. You make up the Screaming Gophers." He threw a paper to the boys, and Geoff caught it. It unwrapped and it showed their logo.
"Girls," Chris said, "your team color is brown. You make up the Killer Bass." He threw a paper to the boys, and Geoff caught it. It unwrapped and it showed their logo.
"Contestants," Chris continued. "Look around you. This person can be your new best friend. Or they might just stab you in the back. The last person left standing in the competition will win a million dollars."
The twenty-two contestants looked among their peers.
"Behind you are you cabins," Chris said. "Gophers on the right, Bass of the left."
Everyone picked up their luggage and made it to their cabins.
There were five bunk beds and one single bed each.
In the girls cabin, Gwen placed her things on the single bed.
"I want the single bed," Heather pushed Gwen and her luggage off the bed.
Gwen rolled her eyes, and took a bottom bed.
"Mind if I bunk with ya', gurl?" Leshawna asked.
"Do whatever you want," Gwen said, as Leshawna climbed the latter to the top of Gwen.
The sleeping arrangements for the girls were (first being top): Katie & Sadie, Eva & Beth, Izzy & Courtney, Gwen & Leshawna, Bridgette & Lindsay, Heather.
The camera flashed to the guys cabin.
But there's nothing interest about teenage boys in a cabin. Seriously, what do they do at sleepovers?
The sleeping arrangements for the girls were (first being top): DJ & Ariel, Cody & Ezekiel, Harold & Trent, Owen & Geoff, Tyler & Noah, Duncan.
The camera flashed to the mess hall.
"Listen up," Chef Hatchet said. "I serve it three times a day and you will eat it three times a day. So grab your tray, get your food and sit your butts down now!"
Gwen, at the food line, said, "Okay, I hate to be predictable and complain on the first day, but I think mine just moved." Chef took a hammer and smacked her food, which went flying onto her face and into her hair. "Right, okay then."
"Yo, my man, can we order a pizza?" Geoff asked.
Chef threw a knife at the wall, scaring Geoff.
"Woah!" Geoff responded. "It's cool, G! Brown slop is cool!"
"Contestants," Chris said, entering the mess hall. "Your challenge starts in one hour!"
"What do you think they'll make us do?" Katie asked worriedly.
"It's our first challenge," DJ stated. "How hard can it be?" The camera cut to a scene where the campers are on top of a huge cliff. "Oh sh- (censored)"

The Not So Great Outdoors part 2

"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris McLean said, "twenty-two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here in this crummy old summer camp. Then have to face the judgment of their fellow campers."
"It's our first challenge," DJ stated. "How hard can it be?" The camera cut to a scene where the campers are on top of a huge cliff.
"I did not sign up for this," Gwen complained.
The theme song played.

"Campers," Chris said through a megaphone. "Please stand in an orderly line, one line each team."
The boys and girls split into two lines.
"In this challenge," Chris continued. "You'll have to jump down a one-hundred feet cliff and plummet down into a shark-infested lake. There will be a safe zone, that's where you want to go. If you land in the safe zone, you score a point for your team. If you don't, you will get eaten by a shark." The twenty-two contestants gasped. "Nah, nah, just kidding. You probably will. But you all signed a waiver, so whatever. A boat will be waiting for you on your way down. Everybody ready? Your answer is yes. I've randomized the two teams and random dot org, and the girls can go first."
"Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
"I am not jumping," Heather said. "My hair will get wet, and that's my best feature."
"Oh, you're jumping!" Leshawna yelled.
"Says who?" Heather responded.
"Says me," Leshawna said. "I'm not losing this challenge 'cause you got your hair did, you spoiled little daddy's girl!"
"Back off, ghetto-glamor, too-tight-pants-wearing, rap-star wannabe!"
"Mall-shopping, ponytail-wearing, teen girl-reading, peeking in high school prom queen!"
"Well, at least I'm popular."
The girls gasp.
"You're jumping."
"Make me."
Leshawna grabbed Heather and throws her down.
"AAAAAAAAAH!" Heather landed in the safe zone. "Leshawna, you are so dead!"
"Hey! I threw you into the safe zone, didn't I?" Leshawna said, now to herself. "Now I just hope I can hit it, too." Leshawna jumped, landing in the safe zone, right next to Heather.
A boat came to them, and the two girls went on it.
"My hair!" Heather touched her hair.
"Guys," Chris said. "You're up."
Cody flailed into the safe zone, followed by Ezekiel, and Harold who made a split.
"Eeeeek!" Harold said, eyes squinted.
"The Gophers are leading three to two!" Chris said. "Who's up next for the girls? Miss Type-A Courtney?"
"I can't," Courtney backed out. "I'll get hurt."

"Is some scared?" Chris mocked. "Then you'll have to wear this chicken hat for the rest of the day." He put a chicken hat on her head. "You can take the escalator down."

Courtney looked at her hat, and went down.
"We can't do it either!" Katie and Sadie said, holding hands.
"Ugh!" Chris put two chicken hats on the two best friends. "Less fun for me."
Sadie and Katie went down the escelator.
"The highest the Bass can now get is eight!" Chris called. "Gophers still leading three to two!"
Courtney: When Katie and Sadie backed out, I was really annoyed. I mean, come on! We're going to lose!"
Gwen jumped and landed in the safe zone, followed Izzy and Beth.
"Eva, Bridgette and Lindsay are the only three that need to land in the safe zone for the Bass," Chris said. "The girls are leading five to three! Gophers, you're up."
Owen put inflatable armbands on his arms. "Oh, I am pretty darn nervous."
Owen: See, the thing is, I'm not that strong a swimmer.
Geoff: I'm looking at this guy and thinking, "There's no way he's gonna make it."
Gwen: I actually thought, "If he jumps this... he's gonna die."
"Give it your best jump, buddy," Chris said. "You can do it."
"I'm going to die now. I'm going to freaking die now!"
Owen closed his eyes tightly, then opened them and took a running start. "YEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" He jumped off the cliff. "Oh, CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He landed, making an enormous splash, and scattered the people everywhere. "Yeah! Yeah! Who's the man?"
"The guys have wasted their five minutes," Chris looked away. "Bass, still leading five to four, are now up."
Bridgette jumped in.
"Six to four!"
"I thought this was going to be a talent contest!" Lindsay said.
"Hahaha, yeah... no," Chris pushed Lindsay off the cliff, and she screamed. "Seven to four! Eva is the last jumper."
Eva jumped off the cliff and landed in the safe zone.
"Eight jumpers and three chickens," Chris said. "Gophers, only five more of you need to jump and you win."
"I can't jump," DJ said.
"Afraid of heights?" Chris mocked, handing him a chicken hat, and sending him down the escelator.
Geoff jumped, followed by Ariel and Tyler.
"Eight to seven!" Chris called. "Two jumpers left for the Gophers and they win the first part of the challenge!"
Trent jumped.
"We're tied! Noah, Duncan, one of you need to jump and you'll win the challenge."
Duncan pushed Noah off the cliff.
"AAAAAAAH!!!" Noah yelped.
"The Gophers win the first part of the challenge!" Chris said, hands up in the air.

"The second part of the challenge is to build your own hot tub," Chris said. "Next to me, are ten green crates and ten red crates. The green ones are for the Gophers, and the red ones are for the Bass. Gophers, because you won the challenge, you get an advantage... Wheels! That's right, you don't have to carry the crates like the Bass over here. Your wheels are on your crates. Once you get back to camp, you must open the crates with your tongues. That's right, if I catch any of you using anything but, you're going straight to elimination. The winners of the challenge get to keep their tub and win immunity, the losers have to send one of their teammates home. Worth playing for?"
"Yes!" the twenty-two campers all said in unison.
The camera flashed to the Screaming Gophers walking to their camp.
"Fourty-nine bottles of pop on the wall!" Owen sang. "Fourty-nine bottles of pop!"
Everyone chimed in, "Take one down, pass it around; fourty-eight bottles of pop on the wall!"
Ariel said to Owen, "Hey man. Since we're like complete opposites on the outside, I was wondering if we can be friends. Y'know, to see if we're synonomous on the inside."
"Sure!" Owen smiled. "You're cute. You're like a tiny smart dude." Owen picked Ariel up, and sat him down on the crate Owen was pushing.
The camera flashed to the Bass, showing Eva holding all ten crates.
"Lindsay," Heather said. "Izzy. Can I see you?"
The three hid in the bushes.
"The three of us can make an alliance," Heather smirked. "We'll beat all these losers and make the final three."
"Sure, heater," Lindsay smiled.
"It's Heather," Heather corrected.
"Why not?" Izzy stuck her tongue out.
"Save it for the challenge," Heather said, as Izzy put her tongue back in her mouth.
"Are we friends?" Lindsay smiled.
"Yeah," Heather forced a smile back. "Of course."
The camera flashed to the Gophers at camp already, building their tub.
(The same thing that happened in the real episode happened, just with boys vs. girls. The author is just too lazy to write it.)
"Let's see," Chris said, inspecting the hot tubs. "Gophers..." He dipped his toe in their hot tub. "Soothing."
"Bass..." A leaf fell on their hot tub, and it burned to flames. "The Screaming Gophers win immunity! And a hot tub!" He gave DJ a six-inch statue of himself (body, head and all).
The Bass' hot tub was seen being moved to someplace else.
"I'll see you at elimination," Chris said to the Bass.

The Bass were seen in the mess hall.
"It should either be Courtney, Kadie or Satie," Heather said. "They cost us the challenge in the beginning."
"I agree," Lindsay said.
"Um, it's Katie and Sadie," Katie corrected. "And we don't think it's nice of you to say that, since you didn't want to jump in the first place."
"But I did," Heather said. "Do you see me wearing that hat?"
The Bass walked out of the mess hall, and all went to the campfire, sitting down on a tree stump.
"Welcome to the Campfire Ceremony," Chris said. "In this game, marshmallows represent life. If you are safe, I will give you a marshmallow. But let's talk first. Courtney, why do you feel you shouldn't be voted out?"
"Well Chris," Courtney started. "I'm all alone in this game. I admit that I did do bad in the challenge, but Katie and Sadie are in a group. They're best friends. You never know, they might make it to the end."
"Sadie," Chris said. "How would you respond to that?"
"Um, like," Sadie said. "I don't like how Courtney insulted me on the outside by calling me fat—"
"What are you talking about!?" Courtney cut off Sadie.
"Um, Courtney," Katie said. "You had your chance to talk. Let Sadie."
"Thank you, Katie," Sadie said as the two BFFLs hugged. "Anyways, I think that since she called me fat she might insult everyone else in this game, and that won't be good. Because then she might be like a saboteur and cost us the challenge every day. So I think it'd be best if she'd be voted out now."
"Leshawna," Chris said. "This team seems to be a pretty dysfunctional group. Would you like to say anything?"
"Yes," Leshawna said. "Katie, Sadie, Courtney: One of you are going home. Obviously one of you are making us lose, so kiss the show goodbye."
"It seems that those three you've mentioned seem to be the targets tonight," Chris explained, as Courtney raised her hand. "Courtney?"
"I just want to say I never called Sadie fat," Courtney said. "She's a compulsive liar."
"Did you just call my best friend a liar!?" Katie snapped, as Sadie started crying on her shoulder. "Courtney, if anyone's a liar, it's you. You did call her fat, and you called me anorexic."
"What!?!?" Courtney shouted, confused.
"We'll leave it at that," Chris said, standing up. "With that, it is time to vote. Lindsay, you're up."
Lindsay walked to the voting booth.
Katie voted Courtney. "Bullying will only get you so far."
Sadie voted Courtney. "If you think you can do whatever you want and can get away with it, you're mistaken."
When the eleven campers were done voting, Chris nodded. "I'll go tally the votes." He walked to the voting booth.
Chris returned. "If anybody has a Chris Head and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so."
The camera looked at Courtney, and then back at Chris.
"Alright," Chris said. "I will give out marshmallows. The person who does not receive a marshmallow will be eliminated and asked to leave the island immediately."
"The first marshmallow ever goes to... Lindsay." He threw a marshmallow at Lindsay.
"Eva, Izzy, Beth, Bridgette, Leshawna, Heather, Gwen." Chris threw marshmallows at the respective seven.
"Katie." He threw a marshmallow at Katie.
"With two votes, the final marshmallow goes to..."
The camera showed Courtney, who yawned, and Sadie, who's nervous.
Dramatic music played.
"Courtney." Courtney caught her marshmallow, and chewed on it obnoxiously. "First person voted out of Total Drama: Sadie."
Sadie walked up to Chris, a tear falling from her eye.
"Sadie," Chris said. "The team has spoken. Time for you to walk the Dock of Shame and catch the boat of losers. And you can never come back. Ever."
Sadie looked back at Katie, who was crying. "I'll never forget you!"
Katie ran up to hug her, as she walked to the Boat of Losers.
Katie took a seat back on her trump.
"First vote," Chris said. "First blindside. Go back to your cabin, goodnight."

Sadie's Final Words on the Boat of Losers

"(cries) I can't believe I got voted out... and now I won't be with Katie! I can't believe they kept Courtney in... she'll insult everyone the whole way through! I can't believe she called me fat... and Katie anorexic! Who does she think she is! She thinks she can insult us on our outside looks, without even getting to know us first! That daughter of a— (static)"


Killer Bass Campfire Ceremony 1
Camper Voted Camper Voted
Beth Sadie Bridgette Sadie
Courtney Sadie Eva Sadie
Gwen Sadie Heather Sadie
Izzy Sadie Katie Courtney
Leshawna Sadie Lindsay Sadie
Sadie Courtney

The Big Sleep

"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris McLean said, "twenty-two campers arrived and learned that they'd be spending the next eight weeks at a crusty old summer camp. The campers were faced with their first challenge, jumping off a cliff into shark infested waters. And while most campers took the plunge a few were forced to wear the dreaded chicken hat. At the campfire ceremony, it all came down to two campers: Courtney who, has experience as a C.I.T. at summer camp but refused to jump; and Sadie who is in a best friend duo and also refused to jump. In the end the first camper voted of Total Drama Island... was Sadie. Proving that real life best friends and reality TV, don't really mix. Who will be voted off this week? In the most dramatic Campfire Ceremony yet! Find out tonight on Total Drama Island!"
The theme song played.

Chris was seen banging a spoon onto a pan in front of the two cabins. "Wake up, campers!"
Leshawna opened the window, and complained. "It's seven in the morning! Do I look like a farmer to you?"
The screen flashed to the two teams lined up in front of Chris, in their usual getup.
"Today's challenge is to run twenty kilometer run around the lake," Chris said. "First team to get all their members in the mess hall win immunity."
"Will there be breakfast?" Owen asked eagerly.
"There will be breakfast," Chris assured.
"Yay," Owen cheered, as he farted. The other twenty contestants plugged their nose, and Chris put noseplugs in his.
"Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
The twenty-one contestants started to run.
Then they ran, I guess. What's interesting to write about running?
Owen was out of breath, and started licking a pond. "Can't... catch... breath... must... have... condition!"
"Yeah," Heather said, "it's called "over-eating." Look into it."
"Well, what's your excuse, you skinny, annoying... whew!" Leshawna leaned against a tree. "Too tired for insults."
Owen: I honestly don't like Heather and her antics. But she's kinda hot, so I guess it's okay.
Eighteen campers (all but Cody, Noah, Owen) reached the mess hall (with Chris and Chef in it earlier). They each took their respective tables; one for each team.
"The Screaming Gophers getting their first look at the new Bass team," Chris said. "Sadie was voted off at the last Campfire Ceremony."
"Don't remind me," Katie said in tears.
"Cry me a river," Courtney rolled her eyes.
Courtney: Nothing is going to stop me from getting that million dollars. Step one, tear Katie and Sadie apart: check. Step two, keep Sadie in and get everyone to turn on eachother: working on it.
"Chris," Heather said. "All the girls got here first. Do we win immunity?"
"No," Chris said, "I was joking about that."
"Oh," Eva said, "So now you're funny!? Lemme get 'im!" The girls held her back.
"First things first," Chris said. "DJ, I'll take it back."
DJ handed him the immunity idol.
"Time to feast," Chris said, pulling a rope. The rope pulled away the curtain and revealed a big feast.
Owen's eyes glimmered. "It's like the land of milk and honey!"
Ariel giggled. "That was funny, Owen."
"You may feast among yourselves!" Chris said, as everyone ran to the table.
Owen started pushing chocolate cake down his mouth. "Why don't you have some?" he asked Ariel.
"I'm not hungry," Ariel smiled. "Eat all you want."
"Suit yourself," Owen said, as he forcefed himself.
After the table was completey finished, Chris said "It's time for the second part of your challenge!"
"I thought eating was the second part," Owen grumbled.
"No," Chris said. "An Awake-a-Thon! In this endurance competition, everyone must stay awake. Last person left awake wins the challenge for their team."
"So you mean that the twenty kilometer run and the turkey-eating frenzy were just part of your sinister plot to make it harder for us to stay awake?" Gwen asked.
"That's right," Chris said, "Gwen!"
"Man, he's good."
"In addition," Chris said. "The winning team will recieve comfort." He took a cover off of a table, and it revealed  pillows and blankets. "The softest in the world. However, there is a twist. I'll explain it after the challenge. Worth playing for?"
"Yeah," the twenty-one contestants all said in unison.
The screen flashed to the twenty-one contestants and Chris in the woods.
"Screaming Gophers," Chris said. "You must sit out one person for the challenge."
"I'll sit out," Ezekiel said, "eh."
"Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
"So we're supposed to stay awake for twelve hours?" Owen asked. "I can do that in my sleep!" He instantly fell asleep.
"Bass are already leading ten to nine," Chris announced, "and the one minute mark has just hit."
"How long do you think it'll be before everyone falls asleep?" Trent asked.
"Probably an hour," Gwen answered, as a drooling Owen walked by, "or less."

It reached the twelve hour mark, and Chris started reading the campers fairy  tales.
Then Eva, Noah, Katie, Tyler, Cody, Beth, Sadie, and Harold all fell asleep.
"The Bass are leading seven to five," Chris announced. "Ariel, Izzy, Courtney, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Geoff, Leshawna, Duncan, Heather and Gwen are all still awake."
Izzy fell asleep, followed by Bridgette.
"We're tied at five."
Heather: My whole team is dropping like flies, and we are about to lose. Izzy fell asleep, so the only ally I have to strategize with is...Lindsay.
Ariel: I don't know what's so hard about this challenge. It's the twenty-four hour mark, and I'm not sleepy at all. Maybe it's because I didn't eat at all?

Now, in the morning, Noah was seen clinging on to Cody and kissing his cheek.

The two woke up and started screaming.
"We have reached the twenty-eight hour mark," Chris said. "And it's still tied at five."
"Lindsay," Heather whispered. "We're voting out Katie tonight."
"'Kay," Lindsay yelled in joy, as she instantly fell asleep.
"Favorite song?" Gwen asked.
"'She Would Be Loved,'" Trent said. "Favorite color?"
"Midnight blue."
"Ooh, mysterious. I like that."
Gwen blushed and yawned.
"No, don't fall asleep now!" Trent said. "Quick... favorite movie moment..."
"You're gonna think it's cheesy."
"I promise I won't."
"Okay, the kiss of the end of that road trip movie, you know, the one with the guy and the three girls."
"I know the one! You like that movie?"
"The Gophers are now in the lead five to three," Chris said, as the camera showed Leshawna asleep. "For the Gophers; Ariel, DJ, Duncan, Geoff and Trent are still awake. For the Bass; Courtney, Gwen and Heather are still awake. Immunity and reward in the form of comfort is at stake."
DJ was seen tying himself to a tree.
It reached the forty hour mark, and the tree fell on DJ as he fell asleep.
"We need those pillows," Courtney said, as Trent fell asleep.
"Time for a bathroom break. Any takers?" Chris asked. "If you go, you're out."
"I've held it this long, sweetheart! I can go all day," Duncan said.
"Yeah," Gwen agreed, "but can you hold it for another ten chapters?"
"I need to pee really bad," Geoff said, "bro!" He ran to the bathroom.
"Bass are now leading three to two," Chris announced. "Ariel doesn't seem to be tired at all, even when we're at the fourty-nine hour mark."
"Just hungry," Ariel shrugged. He whispered, "Hey Duncan, can we talk?"
The two went to the bushes.
"We seem to be the two toughest competitors," Ariel said. "Want to make an alliance?"
"Sure," Duncan said, "pipsqueak."
"I'm willing to let all these insults past me," Ariel said.
Duncan pat Ariel on the head.
When the two returned to the other campers, it was seen that Heather was asleep.
"Two to two," Chris announced.
"I'm sorry," Duncan said. "I can't stay awake anymo—" He passed out.
"Ariel is the last remaining Gopher!" Chris said.
Ariel started biting his nails, as Heather fell asleep.
"You and I," Gwen said. "Who will win?"
"I dunno," Ariel laughed. "I'm not a psychic."
Gwen kept a straight face, "that was so funny I almost fell asleep."
She fell asleep.
"Ariel wins for the Screaming Gophers! Gophers win immunity!" Chris said. "It's yours again," he gave Ariel the six-inch statue of himself.
"Pillows?" Ariel smiled.
"Before the challenge," Chris said. "I told you there'd be a twist. Ariel, there are only five extremely comfortable pillows and blankets. Of course, you get a pair, but you must choose four of the ten other men to get comfort as well."
"Uh," Ariel said, "okay. I pick Owen... Duncan..." He scanned his team. "Harold and Geoff."
Chris handed the five campers their respective comfort, and they walked back to their cabin. "As for the Bass, a date with me tonight. Someone will get voted out. I'll give you the afternoon to find out who."
The Bass walked back to their cabin.

The Bass were seen in the mess hall.
"I should be the only one safe," Gwen said.
"I agree," Izzy said. "I mean, like, she almost won the challenge for us! Ha! But, almost! Key word! So you do also have a chance to be voted out! Because you lost it for us!"
"Katie should go home," Heather said.
"Why?" Katie asked.
"You've been nothing but a botherance since Sadie left," Heather answered. "In challenges and at camp."
"Well," Katie said.
"I think I did great in the challenge," Courtney said.
"Tonight's vote could change everything," Leshawna stated.
The Bass walked out of the mess hall, and all went to the campfire, sitting down on a tree stump.
Chris smirked. "Courtney, how do you feel you did in the challenge?"
"I was the third last team member to fall asleep," Courtney said. "So I think I should get no votes against me."
"Katie," Chris called. "How's life been without Sadie?"
"It sucks," Katie responded.
"Life is like crap," Katie said. "I don't know which way's right and which way's left without Sadie. Sadie is my BFFL, and I can't live without her."
"Do you want to be voted out tonight to see her again?" Chris asked.
"To an extent," Katie said, as Heather rolled her eyes.
"You're rolling your eyes," Chris said, "Heather."
"How can I not?" Heather rhetorically asked. "She's a tool. She's obviously trying to get inside our heads. She's trying to use reverse psychology on us to keep her in so she can win the million."
"Liar," Katie said.
"Leshawna," Chris called. "This team still seems to be pretty dysfunctional. Why is that?"
"Because we can't get along, boi," Leshawna said. "We're girls."
"Some of us are," Heather murmured.
"Excuuuuse me?" Leshawna snapped.
"Let me go around," Chris said. "Who's going out? Gwen."
"Katie," Gwen said.
"Katie," Lindsay agreed.
"Katie," Heather repeated.
"Katie," Izzy assured.
"Katie," Courtney said.
"Katie," Leshawna said.
"Katie," Eva said.
"Katie," Beth said.
"Katie," Bridgette said.
Katie sighed.
"Katie seems to be the one to go," Chris said, standing up. "With that, it is time to vote. Gwen, you're up."
Gwen walked to the voting booth.
Lindsay voted Katie. "It's what Heather told me to do, so."
Katie voted Courtney. "I have lost all respect for you since I met you, and I will continue to vote you off until you're gone."
When the ten campers were done voting, Chris nodded. "I'll go tally the votes." He walked to the voting booth.
Chris returned. "If anybody has a Chris Head and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so."
The nine campers all eyed Katie, thinking she would pull out a Chris Head. The camera went back to Chris.
"Alright," Chris said. "I will give out marshmallows. The person who does not receive a marshmallow will be eliminated and asked to leave the island immediately."
"Leshawna," Chris threw her a marshmallow.
"Bridgette, Lindsay, Izzy, Gwen, Eva, Heather." He threw marshmallows at the respective six.
"Courtney," Chris threw a marshmallow at Courtney. "Safe with one vote against you."
"With four votes, the final marshmallow goes to..."
The camera showed Beth, who was wondering why she would get at least four votes. It panned to Katie, who was excited that she might be able to see Sadie after three days.
Dramatic music played.
"Katie." Katie's marshmallow flew right by her. "Second person voted out of Total Drama: Beth."
Beth walked up to Chris, gasping.
"Beth," Chris said. "The team has spoken. Time for you to walk the Dock of Shame and catch the boat of losers. And you can never come back. Ever."
Beth walked to the Boat of Losers, eyes and mouth wide.
"From the look of her face," Chris said, "she didn't see that coming. At all. You girls have mastered the act of the blindside. But the bad news is you're down to nine. Go back to your cabin, goodnight."

Beth's Final Words on the Boat of Losers

"I... I can't believe what ju'th't happened. How did that happen!? I mean, like 'th'eriou'th'ly. I'th it because of my li'th'p? I'll never know. But I ju'th't want to know why. I didn't do anything! Maybe that'th the rea'th'on."


Killer Bass Campfire Ceremony 2
Camper Voted Camper Voted
Beth Katie Bridgette Beth
Courtney Beth Eva Beth
Gwen Beth Heather Katie
Izzy Katie Katie Courtney
Leshawna Beth Lindsay Katie


"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris said, "the Screaming Gophers kicked butt in the Awake-a-Thon and the Killer Bass took their second loss in a row, harsh. Heather orchestrated the first Total Drama Island alliance by convincing Lindsay and Izzy to join forces with her, nicely played Heather, nicely played. Even though Beth could've swayed in many friends, it was her who was blindsided. She became the second contestant to dock the Boat of Losers. Who will break the rules of their new alliance? Will Ariel be able to stay awake until the end of the episode? And who will take the most humiliating walk down the Dock of Shame? Stay tuned for the most dramatic Campfire Ceremony yet on Total Drama Island!"
The theme song played.

The episode opened up to the Screaming Gophers in the mess hall.
"Duncan!" Chris called. "You look like crap, dude."
"Stick it," Duncan said.
"Harold snored all night," Ariel said.
"Wow!" Chris said, surprised. "Four nights without any sleep? How much are you hurting, dude?"
"Wanna find out!?" Duncan clenched his fists.
"No, no," Chris took a step back. "It's cool." The nine girls walked into the mess hall. "Screaming Gophers getting their first look at the new Bass team. Beth was voted off at the last Campfire Ceremony."
"Beth?" Cody asked. "Why Beth?"
"That's what I'm wondering," Heather sassed.
Leshawna: Right now, the five of us who voted for Beth are pretty much a majority alliance. We just picked Beth, only because she doesn't do anything. Heather, Katie, Izzy and Lindsay and pretty much on the outs with us.
"I am so tired I can't feel my face," Ariel hit his head on the table.
The screen panned to the freezer, with Heather's alliance in it.
"So, let's go over the rules one more time," Heather said. "Number one: I am the captain of this alliance, so I get to make the rules. Number two?"
"Breaking the rules can result in getting kicked out of the alliance?" Lindsay asked.
"Good," Heather said. "Number three: I can borrow any of your stuff without asking, but my stuff is strictly off-limits."
"I don't know about that last rule."
"That's cool. I can change it... I can also find someone else to take to the final three with me."
"Where'd Heather, Lindsay and Izzy go?" Courtney asked.
"Who cares, princess?" Duncan mocked.
"How was you sleep last night, darling?" Courtney responded.
"I got pillows and blankets," Duncan said.
"So do I," Courtney countered.
"I have better ones."
"The next challenge begins in ten minutes," Chris left the mess hall. "Meet me in the gymnasium!"
The three girls walked out of the freezer, and Lindsay bumped into Tyler.
"Sorry!" Lindsay said, on the floor.
"No, no," Tyler said. "It's my fault," he helped Lindsay up.
Lindsay smiled, and Heather pushed her away.
"Lindsay," Heather said. "No flirting with the enemy!"

The screen opened up to the twenty campers in the gymnasium.
Chef, in a referee costume, blew a whistle.
"First things first," Chris said. "Ariel, I will take it back."
Ariel handed him the immunity statue.
"Listen up!" Chris said. "This challenge will follow the classic rules of dodgeball. The first rule of dodgeball is—"
"Do not talk about dodgeball?" Noah mocked.
Chris scoffed, "There will be five games. If you hit your opponent with a ball, they're out. You may block a ball with another ball."
"Throwing balls," Noah said. "Gee, another mentally challenging test."
"I know, right?" Lindsay agreed.
"Screaming Gophers," Chris said. "You must sit two people out for this challenge; it can not be Ezekiel."
"Ariel and me," Duncan said.
"Duncan and Noah sitting out this challenge," Chris said. "Playing to five. Winner of this challenge gets immunity and five dodgeballs. Worth playing for?"
"I would've tried, then!" Duncan looked at Harold.
"Yeah!" Ezekiel said. "Sports! We gon' win fo' sure!"
"Oh, please," Heather said. "Everyone knows girls can beat boys in dodgeball."
"Bring it on!" Tyler said. "We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!"
"For immunity and dodgeballs. Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
(Um. Yeah. Gophers won. How do I write a dodgeball challenge...?)
"Gophers one, Bass zip! Playing to five. Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
(Yeah. They- uh- played again, I guess. Bass won.)
"We are tied, one-one! Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
Lindsay and Tyler ditched their team, and walked outside, holding hands.
Heather spotted the two, and followed them out.
Lindsay and Tyler were seen flirting by the beach.
"No!" Lindsay said. "Your nose is cuter!"
"No," Tyler countered. "Yours is."

A canoe fell on Tyler just as the two were about to kiss.

Lindsay walked up, and Heather said, "How many times do I have to tell you not to date the enemy!?"
Lindsay: Heather said I couldn't date him. She never said I couldn't like him.
Lindsay walked back to the gymnasium, and Heather started searching the woods.
Heather: Time to find that idol.
Back at the gymnasium, Chris said, "Two Gophers, one Bass! Campers ready," Chris said, two fingers up in the air. He put them down, "Go!"
The teams started pelting eachother with dodgeballs.
"Tyler and Heather seem to not be in sight," Chris said.
In the end, it is Eva vs. Harold.
"I ain't letting a nerd beat me!" Eva yelled.
"Nerd?" Harold said, offended. "Transform... Epic dodgeball player!"
Eva threw the ball at Harold, and Harold caught it.
"Harold wins for the Screaming Gophers!" Chris said. "Gophers win immunity and reward!" He handed Harold the immunity statue and five dodgeballs, "Yours for the third time in a row."
Heather rushed back. "Did we win!?"
"No," Lindsay sighed.
Heather facepalmed.
"Bass," Chris said. "Meet back with me tonight at the campfire to see who's getting voted out. I'll give you the afternoon to think about it."
Eva: Heather freakin' left during the challenge! She's definately leaving tonight.

The Bass were seen in the mess hall.
"Eva lost the challenge for us," Heather said.
"You left during," Courtney stated.
"So?" Heather crossed her arms. "I suck at dodgeball. Isn't Eva supposed to be good?"
"Just vote me out tonight!" Katie cried. "I've spent four days without Sadie!"
"No," Leshawna said. "Your a great team member without Sadie slowing you down."
Katie slapped Leshawna.
"Lemme get 'er!" Leshawna was held back by the other seven.
"Only time will tell what will happen tonight," Heather smirked.
The Bass walked out of the mess hall, and all went to the campfire, sitting down on a tree stump.
"Eva," Chris said. "How did you do in the challenge?"
"I was the last remaining member in all four games," Eva stated. "I won in the second, but I couldn't do it myself."
"Heather," Chris called. "Why'd you leave?"
"To pee," Heather lied. "I got lost."
"Izzy," Chris said. "This is your third loss out of three challenges."
"What can I say?" Izzy stuck her tongue out. "We suck at comprehending together!"
"Do you know what comprehending means?" Chris asked.
"No," Izzy said. "But it makes me sound smart."
"Leshawna," Chris said. "In a perfect world, what would a good team of these people be?"
"Myself, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Gwen and Katie herself," Leshawna said.
"So I'm assuming you're in an alliance?" Chris said.
"You can say that," Leshawna responded.
"I, for one," Katie said, "am not in an alliance with those five. I would never be in an alliance with someone who called Sadie someone who slows me down," the camera showed Leshawna, "someone who called me anorexic and Sadie fat," the camera showed Courtney, "someone who can lose their temper easily," the camera showed Eva, "someone who is dark," the camera showed Gwen, "and a surfer."
"Dark?" Gwen asked. "Stereotypical."
"And what's bad about surfing?" Bridgette asked.
Gwen took a teal extension out of her bag, and clipped it onto Katie's hair.
"No!" Katie said. "No! No! No!!!" She tried to take it out of her hair, but it wouldn't budge. "I'm dark now!!"
"I guess it's time to vote," Chris said, standing up. "Bridgette, you're up."
Bridgette walked to the voting booth.
Leshawna voted Heather. "This is what we're doing, and I must stay loyal to my alliance."
Katie voted Courtney. "I stand by with what I said last vote. I can't wait to see you leave."
When the nine campers were done voting, Chris nodded. "I'll go tally the votes." He walked to the voting booth.
Chris returned. "If anybody has a Chris Head and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so."
The camera stayed on Chris.
Heather interrupted Chris, "Well, I guess it's time to use it." She walked up to Chris' spot, and handed him the Chris Head.
"The rules of Total Drama state that if anybody uses a Chris Head, then all votes cast against them will not count and the person with the next highest amount of votes will be voted out," Chris said. "This is indeed a Chris Head. All votes against Heather will not count. Have a marshmallow." Chris gave her a marshmallow, and she walked back to her stump. "Heather revieved five votes, however, they do not count."
Chris said, "I will give out marshmallows. The person who does not receive a marshmallow will be eliminated and asked to leave the island immediately."
"Izzy," Chris threw her a marshmallow.
"Eva, Gwen, Leshawna, Katie, Bridgette, Lindsay." He threw marshmallows at the respective six.
"With one vote, the final marshmallow goes to..."
Courtney facepalmed herself, knowing she would get that one vote, and Eva was frightened.
Dramatic music played.
"Courtney," Courtney's marshmallow fell into her mouth, and she swallowed it. "Third person voted out of Total Drama: Eva."
Eva walked up to Chris, about to punch something.
"Eva," Chris said. "The team has spoken. Time for you to walk the Dock of Shame and catch the boat of losers. And you can never come back. Ever."
Eva walked to the Boat of Losers, fists clenched.
"After this Campfire Ceremony," Chris said, "it is safe to say that if you think you're safe... you're a fool. Go back to your cabin, goodnight."

Eva's Final Words on the Boat of Losers

"What the (censored) just happened? We should've at least split the vote just in case she had it! You never know what will happen to you in this."


Killer Bass Campfire Ceremony 3
Camper Voted Camper Voted
Bridgette Heather Courtney Heather
Eva Heather Gwen Heather
Heather Eva Izzy Eva
Katie Courtney Leshawna Heather
Lindsay Eva

Not Quite Famous

"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris started the recap, "the Screaming Gophers continued their winning streak. There were bruises, tears, risky moves and dangerous alliances and in the end it was Eva, who didn't see it coming. This week another challenge will send on more campers on a cruise to Loserville population, four! Who will sink? Who will stay afloat? Find out right now on, Total Drama Island!"
The theme song played.

The screen opened up to the eleven Gophers in their cabin.
"Three wins!" Owen said.
"We're dominating," Duncan said. "Don't ruin it."
"Girls lost all challenges so far," Ezekiel said. "You know what I mean?"
"Zeke," Ariel said, "don't be so sexist. Come merge, you could be voted out first."
"Who do you think they voted out?" Harold snorted.
"Lindsay," Ariel shrugged. "Seems like it."
"Why?" Noah asked. "She's the dumb blonde. And Chris has a crush on her. Obviously, he's rigging it."
"Who knows?" Ariel shrugged. "We'll find out tonight."
The girls were seen returning to their cabin, and the camera shifted to the girls' cabin.
"How'd you find it?" Leshawna asked.
"Find what?" Heather asked.
"The idol," Leshawna said.
"Just found it," Heather said. "Really easy."
"You're still outside our team," Leshawna said. "It's four to three to one."
"Am I the one?" Heather asked.
"You, Lindsay and Izzy are the three," Courtney said.
"Since when were we in an alliance?" Heather said.
"Since day two, Heather," Lindsay said. "You can't forget these things!"
Izzy facepalmed.
"Maybe I could team up with them," Katie said.
"How about we stop focusing on alliances until we lose again?" Gwen suggested.
"Deal," Heather agreed. "Our main priority should be winning the challenge."
The screen flashed back to the Gopher cabin.
Duncan took a dodgeball and threw it at Harold. "Ha!"
"Duncan!" Harold said.
Harold: I've had it with Duncan, and it's only day eight!"
"Attention campers," Chris, through a loudspeaker, said. "You may not get out of your cabins for the next twenty-four hours. Your doors have been locked, your windows have been sealed. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served to you. I suggest you get a good night's sleep tonight."
"No challenge today?" Duncan asked.
"We're gonna be stuck in here all day?" Courtney asked, in the other cabin.
A day passed, and Chris was seen walking to the two cabins.
He unlocked the Bass cabin, "Make your way to the stage."
The eight girls made their way out.
A few minutes later, he unlocked the Gophers cabin, "Make your way to the stage."
As the eleven boys walked to the stage, Chris went in a helicopter and flew there.
As the Gophers arrived to the stage, Chris said, "Screaming Gophers getting their first look at the new Bass team. Eva was voted off at the last Campfire Ceremony."
The Gophers gasped.
"You voted out your strongest member?" Noah asked. "Pfft."
"No," Courtney folded her arms.
"Okay," Chris said. "First thing's first. Harold, hand it over."
Harold gave Chris the six-inch team immunity idol.
Chris continued, "Today's challenge will be a talent show. Each team will pick three of their own to compete for them."
"Will this be a musical?" Lindsay asked. "Ooh, I love musicals!"
"Singing, dancing, juggling, anything!" Chris looked at Duncan, "As long as it's legal."
Duncan snapped. "Darn it!"
"Chef Hatchet will rate your performance from a scale of one to fifteen on the Chef-o-Meter," Chris explained. "You have eight hours to decide who's representing your team, starting... wait for it... now!"
"So we have to go back to our cabins?" Heather asked.
"That's right," Chris said.
Back at the Bass cabin, Heather said, "I'm team captain."
"Woah, woah, woah. Who said you're team captain?" Gwen asked.
"She did," Lindsay said, "just now!"
"Lindsay and Izzy voted that I should be captain," Heather said.
"Let's take another vote," Courtney said. "Raise your hand if you want me to be captain."
Leshawna, Gwen, and Bridgette raised their hands.
"Now me," Heather said.
Lindsay, Izzy, and Katie raised their hands.
"I guess we're co-captains," Courtney rolled her eyes.
"Alright," Heather said. "I'm doing ballet. Who else wants to audition? Chop chop."
"I'll play my violin," Courtney said.
"Who said that?" Heather asked.
"The captain did," Courtney pointed to herself.
"Co-captain," Heather corrected.
"This is something we can finally win, guys," Katie tried to be the peacemaker. "Stop fighting."
"I can do the Dance of the Rattlesnake!" Izzy said.
"No," Heather said.
The screen flashed to the Gopher cabin.
"I can burp the alphabet!" Owen said. He chugged a one liter bottle of soda, and burped the alphabet.
The other ten clapped. "Props, man," Trent said.
"I'm great at yo-yos!" Tyler said. He started the yo-yo, and tied himself in it.
"Any others?" Duncan asked.
"I can draw?" Ariel asked himself. "Should I?"
"Any other takers?" Duncan asked.
"I can beatbox," Harold said.
"My gosh," Duncan said. "We're gonna lose."
The screen flashed back to the girl cabin. "We'll wing it," Heather said.
The seven Bass all exited the cabin, and Heather stayed. She spotted a green diary, and hid it in her bag.
The screen flahsed back to the boy cabin. "So we have our three people?" Duncan asked.
The eleven Gophers all exited the cabin.
Back at the stage, Chris said, "First, for the Bass, it is Courtney!"
Courtney went on the stage with her violin, and started playing it.
Lindsay blew a kiss to Tyler, Tyler grabbed it, and winked.
Heather saw this, and blocked Lindsay's view of Tyler.
Lindsay tried to move her head around Heather, but it was useless.
After Courtney was done, a spoon with Chef's face, the Chef-o-Meter, came on the screen. Nine green lines on the spoon flashed.
"A nine for Court!" Chris announced. "Owen for the Gophers."
"I'll be burping the alphabet," Owen said, coming on to the stage.
He chugged a one litte bottle of soda, and, once again, burped the alphabet. "A!" he burped. "B! C! D! E! F! G! H! I! Jehhhh. Jehhhh." He fainted.
"Medics!" Chris called, as the medical team came over.
They inspected Owen.
"Owen," Chris said. "Bro, can you hear me?"
The medical team opened Owen's eye and looked at it with a flashlight.
A few minutes later, he woke up.
"Have some water," the medical team handed Owen bottled water.
Owen tried to feed himself, but he missed his mouth, and the medical team took the bottle back.
Chris helped Owen up, "You're okay, bro."
The Chef-o-Meter gave Owen a six.
"Nine to six!" Chris announced. "Bass are in the lead! Next up for the Bass is Bridgette."
"I'll be performing a hand-stand," Bridgette said, walking on the stage.
She flipped and started standing on her hands.
Lindsay told Heather, "I have to pee."
"Go," Heather allowed.
Lindsay walked around Heather, and started waking to the communal washrooms.
She turned around and mouthed to Tyler, "Bathroom."
Tyler nodded, and Lindsay continued walking.
Once she was nowhere in sight, Tyler followed.

The screen flashed to the bathroom. Tyler started playing on his yo-yo, ultimately tying the two together, and they started kissing by the sink.

Back at the stage, Bridgette fell on her face.
"A seven minute handstand!" Chris applauded. "Let's see what Chef says."
The Chef-o-Meter flashed eight out of fifteen green lines.
"Bass lead seventeen to six!" Chris announced. "Next for the Gophers is DJ."
DJ walked on-stage, and said, "I'll be performing a ribbon dance. I hope you like it."
Heather looked back at her, and still didn't see Lindsay in sight. "It's been a while," she muttered to herself, as she went to the washrooms.
She saw Lindsay and Tyler kissing.
"LINDSAY!" Heather screamed.
Lindsay let go of Tyler, and gasped.
Heather cut the strings of the yo-yo, grabbed Lindsay, and dragged her back to the stage.
DJ was done, and the Chef-o-Meter gave him eight green lines.
"Bass are still in the lead, seventeen to fourteen," Chris announced. "Heather seems to be missing, so Gophers may continue with Trent!"
Trent came on-stage with his guitar.
"I'll be singing a song," Trent said. "They say we've only got summer. And I say that's really a bummer. But we'll swim in the sun and have lots of fun. It'll just be the two of us. Nothing to do just hang. So, let me say only this. Stick around for just one kiss."
Gwen blushed, as the Chef-o-Meter gave Trent eleven lines.
"Twenty-five to seventeen," Chris said, as Heather returned with Lindsay, Tyler right behind. "Heather must get at least nine lines to win for her team."
Heather came on-stage, in a tutu, holding the green book from earlier. "At first, I was going to perform ballet, but instead I thought I would read you guys something." She revealed the green book.
Gwen gasped.
Heather started reading, "So, I'm trying to ignore him, but he's just so cute. If they had custom-ordered a guy to be a distraction for me here, it would've been McHottie. We just totally connect. He's pretty much the only person I can relate to here. And I know it's a cliché, but I love guys who play guitar."
Trent smiled.
"Woah," Chris said. "You just read Gwen's diary to all of Canada. That's pretty low, but Chef likes good tension. Let's see what he rates this."
The Chef-o-Meter flashes ten green lines.
"Twenty-seven to twenty-five!" Chris announced. "Heather wins for the Bass! Killer Bass win immunity, and reward!"
The Bass all celebrated, except for Gwen.
Chris handed Heather the six-inch statue of himself. "Immunity is yours. As for the Gophers, for the first time ever, you'll be voting someone out. Grab your stuff, I got nothing for you."
The Gophers all left the stage.
"As for the Bass," Chris said. "I never mentioned what the reward will be. If you look behind you, on the stage, there is a feast of pizza and pop. Enjoy."
The eight girls all went back to the stage, and feasted among themselves.
"We're back in this, baby!" Leshawna said.
Everyone took a slice of pizza. "Cheers!"
Heather got cheese on her face, and took her napkin. She unwrapped it, and a piece of paper fell onto her lap. She wiped her face, and sticked the paper into her underwear.
Heather: I took my napkin, and huzzah! A clue to a Chris Head was in my possession. I am running this show.

The Gophers were seen in the mess hall.
"So close!" Duncan said. "Owen, you could've won for us."
"Shoulda-coulda-woulda," Ariel said. "The thing is, he participated and should be safe."
Owen pat Ariel on the back, "Thanks buddy."
"Besides," Ariel continued, "instead of voting out arguably our strongest player, let's vote one of the weak out so we don't lose again."
All eyes went on Cody.
"What?" Cody asked. "I'm not the weakest. Harold is."
All eyes went on Harold.
"No," Harold defended. "Ezekiel is."
All eyes went on Ezekiel.
"Why are you all staring at me, eh?" Ezekiel asked. "Noah's the bookworm!"
All eyes went on Noah.
"What if we have a trivia challenge?" Noah asked. "Or a puzzle challenge?"
"This'll be a hard vote," Ariel said.
The Bass walked out of the mess hall, and all went to the campfire, sitting down on a tree stump.
"Welcome to the Campfire Ceremony," Chris said. "In this game, marshmallows represent life. If you are safe, I will give you a marshmallow. Tyler, why'd you ditch your team twice in a row?"
"Last challenge I ditched because everyone said I suck at sports, so what's the difference?" Tyler asked. "This challenge I wasn't participating so..."
"Where'd you run off to?" Chris asked.
"I was making out with my girlfriend," Tyler raised an eyebrow.
Chris asked, "Lindsay?"
"Yeah," Tyler said.
"Good one," Chris said, as Tyler frowned. "Now seriously, what were you doing?"
"I was kissing Lindsay!" Tyler said.
"You guys believe him?" Chris asked, as the ten Gophers all nodded. "Why?"
"'Cause Lindsay's Lindsay..." Cody said. "She's a dumb blonde."
"I resent that comment," Chris said.
"It wasn't about you..." Cody said.
"Who's on the chopping block tonight?" Chris asked, "Duncan."
"Ezekiel, Cody, Harold and Tyler," Duncan said.
"Why am I on the block?" Cody asked. "I didn't do anything wrong."
"That's because you don't do anything," Ariel butt in.
"Who asked you, shortstack?" Cody insulted.
"That's completely out of character for you," Ariel said, "and you're only, like, four inches taller than me!"
"One thing's for sure tonight," Chris said, standing up. "Someone is going home tonight."
Duncan interrupted Chris, "Thank you, Captain Obvious."
"It is time to vote," Chris ignored him, and continued, "Harold, you're up."
Harold walked to the voting booth.
Ariel voted Cody. "Being mean to me won't get you anywhere in life. I hope you learn from this."
Cody voted Ariel. "You called me out multiple times just a few minutes ago, and you deserve to leave."
When the eleven campers were done voting, Chris nodded. "I'll go tally the votes." He walked to the voting booth.
Chris returned. "If anybody has a Chris Head and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so."
Chris paused briefly.
"Alright," Chris said. "I will give out marshmallows. The person who does not receive a marshmallow will be eliminated and asked to leave the island immediately."
"The first marshmallow goes to... Geoff." He threw a marshmallow at Geoff.
"Owen, Noah, Harold, Duncan, DJ, Trent, Ezekiel." Chris threw marshmallows at the respective nine.
"Tyler." He threw a marshmallow at Tyler.
"With one vote, the final marshmallow goes to..."
The camera showed Ariel, who shivered, thinking he would be so oblivious that everyone on his team would blindside him, and Cody, who thought Ariel would be so oblivious that everyone on his team would blindside him.
Dramatic music played.
"Ariel." Ariel caught his marshmallow, and ate it, slowly. "Fourth person voted out of Total Drama: Cody."
Cody walked up to Chris.
"Cody," Chris said. "The team has spoken. Time for you to walk the Dock of Shame and catch the boat of losers. And you can never come back. Ever."
"You have just lost your first member," Chris said. "Did you make the right decision, or will the Bass continue to win? Go back to your cabin, goodnight."

Cody's Final Words on the Bus of Shame

"I would be lying if I said I didn't see it coming. Ariel only having my vote against him either means he's in an alliance or he's friends with everyone. Maybe both. Either way, I'm sorry Ariel, and I hope we can be friends after this is over."


Screaming Gophers Campfire Ceremony 1
Camper Voted Camper Voted
Ariel Cody Cody Ariel
DJ Cody Duncan Cody
Ezekiel Cody Geoff Cody
Harold Cody Noah Cody
Owen Cody Trent Cody
Tyler Cody

The Sucky Outdoors

"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris started the recap, "a talent contest brought out the worst in our campers; it was awesome! The Screaming Gophers struggled to find any talent on their team and Owen's faint pretty much knocked out their chance of winning. Gwen stood up to Heather, so Heather swore to make Gwen's life miserable by stealing her diary. Then, she read it in front of the entire viewing world, revealing that Gwen has a secret crush on someone at camp. The Gophers unanimously decided to vote for Cody. Who will be the next one to walk off this crappy dock? Find out tonight on the most dramatic marshmallow ceremony ever, on Total Drama Island!"

Contestant History

Camper Original Team Merged Team Finish Total Votes
Sadie Killer
1st Voted Out
Day 3
Beth Killer
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Eva Killer
3rd Voted Out
Day 7
Cody Screaming
4th Voted Out
Day 9

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