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The Episode starts whit Maria standing in the middle of the screen on the new Columbus island where the competition will be. She explains how the competition will work out, that it will be 2 teams of 10 pepole. After challenge, the losing team will be having the ceremony on the Mount Colomb. where the new KICK OF DOOM is used for elimination.

Maria goes down to the dock to intruduce everyone. Every compeadetor shows up in a gigant boat. Every contestant is shown and gets a text under them telling their names and then they usaly say a few words.

When all compeadetors gets on the bridge Maria wellcomes them, telling them to calm down a bit. And then climb up to the top of Mount Colomb [1][2][3][4]. The most of the contestants groan and that stuff and bla bla (this section was writen by Maria Hukkelberg).

On the top of the mountain Maria comes whit 2 Banderolls. She explains that they will be devided into teams of 10. And that the first team is made out of, Harry, Ellie, Alky, Christopher, Bill, Betsy, Maurice, Rick, Terrance and Rohdna. They are, The Flying Eagles [5][6][7]! Then announced the next team whit Donna, Frankie, Lorena, Felicia, Phil, Gail, Clyde, Mindy, Tina and Pat. And their name is The Lower Horses [8][9][10]!

Down at the main lodge Maria explains that Chef Hatchet took a new job, at a Luxury Cruser [11]! But you have to deal whit Chris McLain! Chris storms around the kitchen chasing a rat [12]. She laughs and explains that she and Chris was friends since they where kids, and that she was the Financial side of the whole competition. But now they switched sides. Or at least Maria got the Host job [13].

Now Maria said that the Eagles cabin is on the top of the opposit mountain. And the horses was next to the Main Lodge[14].

At the Eagles Cabin. The guys and girls where unpacking in their rooms when suddenly Rick went up to Harry and knocked him over, saying that it was his bed and called him Cripple [15]. Alky rushed to defense emedeatly to get Rick away. Alky and Rick had an arguing for a while [16], and in the girls cabin Ellie had her ear squished against the wall to hear what Alky was saying. Betsy says that they are lucky being only 3 girls sharing a cabin. Ellie says that that is a good thing so the others can shut up [17].

At the Horse Cabin, Lorena started to Boss the place around [18][19]! Donna tried to find a Solution but then Lorena got mad. The guys just walked into their side of the cabin [20]. They unpacked and layed down on their bed. Discussing how the summer will be here. For some short, for some long, and for some medium [21]. They could hear girls argue for a long time before seeing Gail running off the cabin grounds whit her hands covering her ears[22].


Maria went through the speaker telling everyone that it is Challenge time and that they should go down to the dock.

Down at the dock stod Maria and Chris. They told that the first challenge should be made in honor to the first challenge ever in Total Drama. Diving! But this time, not off a clif. They need to dive into the water and make it to the other dock not so far away, but the water is infested whit Sharks [23]. If getting over there whitout being mauled to death, the team gets a point. Best off 20 wins. Eagles starts.

Harry went down to the dock in his chair [24]. He jumped off his chair into the water and swam whitout using legs. He came over in once pice! Then it was Ellie's Turn, she also came over in one pice. Then when Alky went over he litterly stomped one of the sharks so it got mayorly injured. Alky got throught. Then Christopher went through he swam like a idiot and didnt give the sharcks as much as a look [25].

Secret Messages

Quote1 [1] Well that stinks. I'm a cripple. Thank god for Ellie and Alky, I dont want to weel myself up there!Quote2
Quote1 [3] A long walk... ALREADY?! This thing is as harch as ive seen it on TV!Quote2
Quote1 [4] I didnt come here becouse of the 2 Million. I came here becouse of Harry. "Yeah! Me to, We arnt just his friends, we are his Guardians." We are the only once who took care of him over at school. So here we come, road to A Million Dollars, which will be given away!Quote2
—Ellie and "Alky" in the same stall
Quote1 [5] Eagles? How are we flying? Or Eagles?Quote2
Quote1 [6] *Holds a Mirror* Hopefully the Feather and the Beak dosnt make my face all messed up!Quote2
Quote1 [7] I have a somewhat felling that that name is just to nag me after one of the guys I met in Juvy, Duncan "The Flying Eagle" JhonsonQuote2
—Terrance, refrencing the Cast1 Compeadetor Duncan
Quote1 [8] The Flying eagles and the lower horses? Wow, talk about weird creativityQuote2
Quote1 [9] Whats that name even? Just.. Strange... At least we dont need to tamper whit Chris!Quote2
Quote1 [10] I just clear it for all of you at home, dont expect everything I say to be true! Im bad when it comes to being honest...Quote2
Quote1 [11] Let's thank god for that!Quote2
Quote1 [12] You know Chris is angry when he chases a Rat. He wants us infected!Quote2
Quote1 [13] Lets just hope Chris' food is better.Quote2
Quote1 [14] Hahaha!Quote2
Quote1 [15] Everyone knows that the Cripples are the smart once. We need him GONE!Quote2
Quote1 [16] That guy is a total jerk! He just pushed him over! He even reserved a bed already!Quote2
Quote1 [17] Yes, Being only 3 gals in a cabin is good for space, but I need to know stuff about the other gender of the team. If they keep secrets, Im the first one to know them!Quote2
Quote1 [18] Everyone at home wants me to win! Isnt that logical, Im the Prettiest, smartest and most Popular around here!Quote2
Quote1 [19] How much do you want to bet that Lorena will be the new Heather?Quote2
Quote1 [20] Wow, That girl sure knows how to argueQuote2
Quote1 [21] And Im NOT The one leaving early!Quote2
Quote1 [22] I cant handle their arguing! I never thought this would start off like THIS!Quote2
Quote1 [23] Knew it!Quote2
Quote1 [24] I know how to swim whitout Legs or Weelchair!Quote2
Quote1 [25] I know that if I are in Total Drama, I have to fight against sharks. So I took a lot of free time on me to practice Speed SwimQuote2

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