Melancholy Memories
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "A Puzzling Switch"
Place 18th
Friends His team, save Elliot and Terrence
Enemies Elliot and Terrence
Fear Dodgeball
Talent Getting lucky

"Weirdo", labeled The Kid With A Somewhat Deformed Face, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


"Weirdo"'s real name is Sam. While walking home from school one day, he was cornered by some bullies. He ran, but they tripped him and he hit his head on a rock. He would have lost an eye or even died, but a hospital miracle let him live. However, he retained a swollen eye and his left eye functioned strangely on the outside. People always teased him and called him "Weirdo" after that. Soon, he just went by the name "Weirdo".

He signed up for TDF to show his friends that he could take home 1.5 million dollars, and to get plastic surgery.


  • "Weirdo" is an edit of Harold.
  • "Weirdo" is a nickname (obviously). His real name is Sam.
  • His original name was Sam, but that was taken.
  • "Weirdo" was the captain of the Melancholy Memories before elimination.

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